Lusternian Game Race Aslaran

Text Game Aslaran Racial Image

From the virtual MUD game of Lusternia, the aslarans are a race of feline-like humanoids, descended from the Elder God Aslarn. This is one of a multitude of player races you can create a character from in the free to play game world of Lusternia. This image was created for Iron Realms Entertainment by Chris Bourassa.


very good looking

Well done!

i should go bashing in the moors.  these guys make for good smashy-smashy

Except I saw the Rajamala as more tiger-y than lion-y, but it's all a game of interpretation!

I think aslaran are pretty awesome. no idea what they're good for, though


than the scrawny things I picture in my mind. I usually asociate aslaran with furries. I mean some of my favorite people, including my e-mum are aslaran but eesh, they don't look as good as this pic. Plus I'm sure they have fleas.

Apply Taint, ???, profit! /siterp

i wished that i could draw like that

Rajamala looking, yet more lion. Amazing art.


It still bothers me that in the min/max of things they're still best choice for warriors.

WTB Balance =( 

more furry races

looks like it could be a lion-like raja as well

Are they the best at dodging things like the noble Achaea rajamalan?

reminds me a bit of a dog


That's actually really cool! And I'm not even into the cat-like races.

i thought there was a new aslaran pic. misleading article title.