Lusternian Tae'Dae

Text Game Tae'Dae Image

The Tae'Dae come from the virtual text game world of Lusternia. This image was done by Chris Bourassa.


Is a Tae'dae a playable race or is it a creature you encounter?

They also remind me of Panda's and I often try to glomp then to death, but tend too fail

A very slow playable race.

da bears.

but guess that should have huge amount of health/constitution..

Strength    : 18     Dexterity   :  8     Constitution: 17
Intelligence:  9     Charisma    : 15     Size        : 15

  o  Have racial language, tae'dae.
  o  Does damage when performing a BEARHUG upon reaching level 50.
  o  Have a level 3 resistance to cutting damage.
  o  Have a level 3 resistance to blunt damage.
  o  Have a level 3 resistance to cold damage.
  o  Have a level 3 resistance to poison damage.
  o  Have a level 2 resistance to psychic damage.
  o  Heal more from elixirs, level 2.
  o  Native Weapon: Tae'dae warriors who choose the Cavalier
     specialization can use large polearms more effectively than other

  o  Have level 1 slower balance.
  o  Have level 3 slower equilibrium.
  o  Are susceptible to magic, level 3.
  o  Are susceptible to fire, level 2.

wicked picture :P


It's a playable race in Lusternia.

Now that is some beautiful artwork


Not your average every day Coca-Cola bear that is for sure. Really good art.

what the heck is a coca-cola bear?

A bear made of Coca-Cola. Or, one which drinks primarily such. Either way, it's a fairly new species; only recently discovered.

What sort of weapon is that?

Mace?  You think he would use a polearm

Yea dual wield mace would be nasty

Pom Poms of Death!

I just wish we had icey bears to pick as race in Achaea. I'd pick one no matter the stats.




Is a fuzzy

that is one slim bear, especially the upper arms. also an interesting combination of weapons - and is that a sheet rolled on his backpack?

that's his mattress, coz you can't go sleeping on snow...


It's only when you notice he's up to his knees in snow that you realise how massive he is.

This is what happens when you take his Coca-cola. :) Love how he has that slim jacked body and he is a bear.

I like how the knife sheaves are part of the breastplate.

Didn't notice until this comment, nice touch!

I will never think of polar bears the same again. Going to have vivid images of them holding giant maces.

Too bad they're too slow and stupid to be worth playing.

Love this art piece of Tae'Dae! Makes me want to play as one in Lusternia! I must check it out, sometime. This is an Amazing work, congrats!

Yes, come to Lusternia. Everything is better here.

Very, very well done.


One of the many reasons I love lusternia. We have such interesting races.


Also Trill > other IRE winglies.  Just sayin'

Loved the Tae'dae and their culture.

awww...i want one!

the Estelbar cubs

Those are indeed adorable.

Super cute

Oooooh, so cute! Good job! Can I have one? PLEASE?

Nice artwork, once again. Trying to figure out what the weapons are..

They look like concrete spheres with metal rods for handles. Weighty.

He's probably supposed to be a Bonecrusher spec of the Warrior class. They favour heavy, blunt weapons. Those kinda look like maces, but without the spikes.

Very nice piece of artwork! I'd assume from it that it's some sort of bear related race and being the heavy weapons wielded, a warrior as well. One of the best pieces I've seen yet!  I'd like to see more like this one for sure!

I like cute things. *wails like a llama* Tae'dae are super dooper adorable. *sage*

Before they are really really slow

they are faster now, so more people would choose them.

This isn't the image you get in Estelbar, more of a bonecrusher.  Nice pic!

But bonecrusher with leather armour? Lies!Full plate!