Lusternian Tae'Dae

Text Game Tae'Dae Image

The Tae'Dae come from the virtual text game world of Lusternia. This image was done by Chris Bourassa.


The execution of this piece is fantastic. My one and only problem is that it is an adorable polar bear, which is at conflict with the obvious warrior motif.

The Ice areas in Lusternia just opened up not too long ago. This Tae'Dae knew where the action was gonna be and cut everyone off at the pass. Haha. Mountain joke. I'm horrible.


Very different then the latest art additions, but I like this 'comic-book' style a lot too!

Lusternia sure seems to have many different and interesting races. Many roleplaying possibilities! Maybe I should try Lusternia instead of Achaea once.

I always look at race from a roleplaying point of view, questions like what race should I turn to if I'd change to that class?  Always made me shake my head!

But guess we all come here for many various reasons

There are some equivalent/familiar races for people who like that — Rajamala/Aslaran, Atavian/Trill Grook/Mugwump for example. But Lusternia also has some truly unique races, too. Either way, the RP opportunities are great, the way each race fits into the mythology.

still cool

i absolutely like how heavy the maces look.

if Lusty had Stat packs, I would be on Tae'dae in a second.


Well, on an alt, at least. Stratas is a commited trill. It was worth it just for the week for all 25s in all stats.

Tae'Dae are the coolest.

Awww, so cute! I like the maces aren't spiked, I think that tends to be overdone.

Makes me kinda wanna try my hand at Lusternia, as well. Can't say I've honestly put forth an effort.

Earth Eternal

cat people, bear people, wolf people, need some cow people?

We have cow people. Taurians. Though I don't know of a single taurian character.

there are cow people. look up taurians.



very good artwork

I want new Rajamala art like this

I love this style of artwork

Awwww he so cute and cuddley!!!! *hands the tae'dae a Coca-cola*

With the new balance change, I wonder if there'll be more Tae'dae characters. I hope so.


I hope they're also not all simpletons, like so many people seem to want to play them.

They are one of the lower intelligence races though, so will never be geniuses.

There need to be more tae'dae.

So cute and cuddley!!

Also credit.



Awesome - both the race and the picture!  Maybe they'll come to Achaea some day...


But I dont think we need to move him to achaea, he is Lusternian. The, "This is what happens if you steal his coca-cola." comment was funny.

you have polar bears in Lusternia? Looks cool..

Not quite a teddybear. Love them!

great art


so many furry races, though

Really love those maces. Squish!

Neat looking race!

wonder what it'd be like to RP a bear

Does his fur stop at the hands? They look so naked.

want more races in achaea

Maybe he is just a sweet, cuddly, white Teddy Bear who got mad because an evil magi turned his giant lollipops into iron and then the extra weight made him sink into the snow?



the first time I saw this I didn't notice the snow and thought Tae'dae had short legs. >.>


I agree with Stuart. Would be interesting to see a new race in Achaea!

Great artwork! I especially like the eccentricity of the armor and weapons. :)


Cool, cool.

My greatest fear is for polar bears to become sapient and enslaves humanity.

Totally a cross between a panda and a polar bear.

Looks kinda cute to me, even with the weapons and armour...

big balls

Such stubby lil legs. Cool stuff.