Midkemia Online Dwarf

RPG Dwarf

This is the final racial portrait for the Dwarves of the MMORPG text game, Midkemia Online, by Chris Bourassa.


This is one of my favorites by far.

one of my favorite Midkemia pictures.

Ahh, stout, stoic and irreproachable.

Love it.


He's certainly got all those dwarven traits.

I love how realistic and true to form this image is, in every novel of the Midkemian line, the dwarves are always depicted as stout and hearty, quick to take up arms, and even quicker to take up a pint.

The armor shown is rich in texture and well drawn. Even the colors used in this image show how gritty the daily life of a Midkemian can be.

Well done Chris. 



Well put.

But fair point, fair point.


hrm..the shape of the axe is quite miserable. especially since the dwarf should be able to repare it.

All good dwarf axes should look like this - used!



I suppose it depends on what he was doing just before he sat down for a mug and a pipe.

Standing with a mug and a pipe?



Why is Ishap a Dwarf?

Or is that just his forum picture? Lore, anyone?

Why not?



really great job on this one, the axe with the bloodstains looks insane. *thumbsup*

Drinking smoking and ready for battle. The way everyone should be.

I myself am currently drinking and smoking. And don't you doubt that I'm ready for battle, too!

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He does some fantastic work and we would love to get him some more exposure.

Chris you are very talented. Keep it up!

I love the style and detail!

I like the helmet, it reminds me of Asgardians in Marvel comics.

Quite the standard dwarf

Beautiful as always


he's a tall dwarf

pretty awesome

But DAMN he's pretty

A very well-rendered stereotypical dwarf!

He looks thirsty!



You can actually use single axes in Midkemia?

Yep, you can. I love the people who play the short stuffs in MKO.

His beard looks too big for his face.

Psh you should see warhammer dwarves.

It could win an artisinal (or whatever they're called in MKO), 'not distinctly Midemian'!

Really a dwarf like I'd imagine one... the axe in one, the beer in the other hand, large beard and a pretty unfriendly look. Awesome work!

Awesome! Same dwarf I imagine from the other artwork only now he's all chillin' drinking some ale ? Love the detail accuracy of this to the dwarf race. Great job on his armour and weapon as well! Overall, it's a very nice piece.

Where did all this dwarves and drinking come from, I'm curious. Even in Lusternia we have them Brewmeisters.

wow, I like him!

Chipped and bloody axe is awesome.

very nice good colors

Of all the Midkemia images, this is definitely the one that fits best with my mental image from the books.

Chris does some of the best portrayals of dwarves that I've seen. This one really captures the usual stereotype of the dwarves with the ale and axe, which is great. Does he take commissions? :P

This dwarf from Midkemia looks amazing! His features and having him sit on a stump with his pipe, the axe and the ale, perfection!

Pass the mug, brother!

Nice! He's drinking and has a bloody axe...