Midkemia Online Dwarf

RPG Dwarf

This is the final racial portrait for the Dwarves of the MMORPG text game, Midkemia Online, by Chris Bourassa.


He needs to do pics of a female dwarf now.


Love dwarves. Love this one.

Looks what you'd expect for a dwarf. A little hairy, smoker, drinker, blood-stained axe.  Although you'd think he'd take better care of that beautiful weapon...

I really like the bleak, muted colours. Also, that axe is awesome.

He's wasting his ale. Though, to be fair, it looks like it's gone bad either way.

love this, except the weird-looking helmet.

Nice pic



Proper dwarf!

Perfect.  It looks like it's straight out of an old-school DnD manual.

too cool

This guy always does good stuff.

Very nice.



All the dwarfs look about the same, and this one reminds me of the dwarf in LotR.

best dwarf drawing. ever.

Finally a character without huge breasts!

i always enjoy to see such art. 

Good lookin' dwarf.

As usual. But why is the dwarf spilling his ale? Dwarves rarely ever waste good ale.

stereotypical and awesome

love these pictures

I love old school pictures right now

a great picture



too good

I like it. The tankard is a nice touch.

very sterotypical

This looks like a family portrait hung in a dwarven hall.