Midkemia Online Goblin

Goblin artwork concept art

The final art for the goblin of the MMORPG Midkemia Online. Created by Chris Bourassa.


I always figured goblins would be these scrawny small green things, but this one has a pot belly and an orange nose. I thought it was a clown troll at first lol. 


Thats a pretty intimidating knife though. 

Midkemian goblins can be either blue or green-skinned, and I ascribe the pot-belly to this being a particularly well-fed goblin, perhaps a tribal chieftain of some sort.

I imagine there are skinny and fat goblins! Just not many big ones, probably.

+1 respect for coding a clown class...

This seems out of place. I guess you could construe goblins as sorta clownish...

So this ugly thing is a goblin from a different IRE world? Then why in the world is this thing what shows up on the default facebook IRE app, since I only have this character linked to my facebook. I just don't get it, something representing Achaea should be there instead! I'd be happy with a Serpent, please :D

Yeah, the image should be something that suits the games we play. Agreed.


I don't see that it matters, much.

here the damaged weapon doesn't suprise me at all. but why is he so well fed?

They're known to be gluttonous beings, and will eat just about anything (to the best of my knowledge) ontop of that, a plentyfull rat supply, and their set for life.


The combination with the rabbit teeth and potato nose makes me think of Sam in Lord of the rings. ^^ 


But as always, excellent work!

He has a wino nose

I take offense to this! (not really)


My character is quite more the thin and dirty goblin who likes to ride a wolf everywhere. Less pudge, less the drinking problem and more crude, rude and with a cackling laugh and attitude?

Get over it! 

He's ugly nothing else to say.

But goblins were never really known for their prettiness. However, I'd like to know what is distinctly Midkemian about this, aside from being made for the game, of course.

Awesome goblin! Another great depiction of a race for sure! I would really like to see more true to race drawings like this one. Great work!


awsome piece of artwork nonetheless

dat'z not da Bakstabba, I'z much smalla and more'z sneekiez

That is a great piece of artwork. Just makes you think of them in a more concrete fashion, gives them some backbone.

Very nice artwork.


What a fat goblin indeed

It's not really a fat goblin, overall. The arms and legs are pretty thin. It just has a big gut, like someone who is half-starved and malnourished, though nothing else about it suggests either of those.


Not how I envisioned most of the goblins my character interacts with regularly (Gileelilo, Bakstabba), but its an interesting take. Definitely well-fed, and a frequent visiter of the ale house, though!

unless it's blood on the nose - then no.  Plus it's tough to get a big pot belly eating rat pie!

mmm, rat pies

can't have just one!



Really nice!

Good work, as always!

I like the bulbous nose, for some reason.

his bucktooth lost all my respect for him.

Not how I imagined a goblin, but nice artwork.

Always imaged goblins as the more slovenly, inbred and more conniving version of orcs, looks good to me.

This is going to define how I see goblins

with the toe?

I like the equipment but not the troll..

there ever be a pretty goblin?

this guy reminds me of buckwheat

Interesting depiction.

Is a proper whiskey red nose. I didn't realise Goblins were alcoholic.

I love the way people RP goblins in Midkemia! Keep it up, guys!

Uuuuugly ^_^

nappy headed..

in an ugly sort of way