Midkemia Racial Rough Drafts

Text Game Rough Draft Images

These are the original rough drafts by Chris Bourassa for the racial images from the online text game, Midkemia Online.



These are all well done "rough" drafts. I would have to settle with these as finals if it were me

There doesn't seem to be all that much change apart from adding color.

Midkemia must be a tough world, the people look so mean.

I love looking at rough drafts. They usually have specific characteristics that you can focus on... the things that really stick out in your head about what is important about a race or class

really nice, even for rough drafts.



someone needs to pipe some bob marley through that realm

tee hee



I love all of the artwork and how epic it is in its final stages, but its great to see how awesome they are this early on. I almost like these more. The simplicity lets me focus more on some of the details. Would definitely like to see more of these.

I bet Chris would do a great job.

and these are awesome

But these early sketches are pretty fantastic too. Great job, Chris!

The Troll looks in the draft. Its nice to see how they look like before they get coloured, and shaded.

Love the rough drafts on these, which happen to be some of the better works you've produced for IRE. Nice job and keep up the hard work!

these rough drafts

So you can be any clash you wish. It's cool, the drawings, but wouldn't it be cool to see them in a job/class that's atypical for their race? Like a priest troll! We had a few of those in Sar-Sargoth!

a thousand cans of chowder and a thousand cans of beer.

looks pretty cool :)


I likes the rough drafts



Very nice, all of them!

But they are a rather motley looking crew!

This guy is great!

Quite the rough sketch

Or statpacks?

Neither. At start, all stats are the same, and you can modify them as you increase in level, depending on how you wish to play. For example, a priest who wishes to focus on high damage in bashing and PvP will focus mainly on Strength and Constitution, but one who wants to be faster or more precise in combat may go for some Dexterity and Willpower as well, to the detriment of damage output or total health.


Also, these images are quite good.

There are a few racial advantages, though.


Those are really good for rough drafts I love them.

but I can't get away from Lusternia long enough! Urgh.

That'll be when I start it. Promise.

Those are just rough drafts? Wow.

The others are lean and mean, but the orc looks runty.

great stuff


Those look awesome.



like seeing how the rough work led to the final product.

they look cool!

good thing he added the human's 'stache!

Its what seperates men from boys

sometimes the -only- thing.

Very nice.

I should start playing my Bard again


Oh, nice.

Good times.

Far more detailed than my own rough drafts! :)