Midkemia Shirt Design

Midkemia Shirt Design

Another fantastic piece of art from Chris Bourassa. This is the rough draft for the shirt and merchandise for Midkemia Online, the most recent of the Iron Realms text games.


Probably one of the coolest T-shirt designs I have see yet

It's pretty badass

awesome image


I really like this one.

Very Gandalf like ^^

You almost expect Peter Jackson's lawyers on the phone

Reminds me more of Elminster from the Forgotten Realms

Neat design.

Looks cool

I like it

Something about the Black and whiteness of this makes it more badass.

And now I just want to grow a beard like that more. Damn you Chris!

Magicians ftw. I want a shirt now.

Final Fantasy emblem-esque there. Very well done

I noticed that too. Very cool!


I want one.

Awesome work!!

great art but i get a gandolf (i know prob misspelled) and as someone said FF feel from it.

I was going to say the same thing about Gandalf, but I figured someone else would comment, too, since it seemed obvious to me. :D

As soon as I saw it I thought Gandalf [+IX]


Felt exacly the same way.

Me too!


Indeed nice work.

magnificent work!


Hot, hot, hot!

I'm not big into large print shirts, but the design is very nice.

Awesome two tone piece of artwork for sure! I'd love to see this one in colour! He looks like a wizard of sorts with that staff and the book in his other hand.

I'd assume he is a Lesser Path Magician of some sort. The staff is a giveaway, as Greater Path Magicians don't require objects as magical foci.

Might have a bad knee

looks as if its a wizard from the Lord of the Rings.  But I do really like this design!




This looks geat! Nice work

Does it portray a specific character, or is it just a general wizard?

Show me a dwarf wizard!

I'm not sure about the font though.

Oh hey! Look! It's Karic!

NOBUTSRSLY I wanna but that now. 


I like it, it has a bit of "awesome" to it. :)

but i'd like more uniqueness, rather than stock gandalf mage.

I actually bought Betrayal at Krondor at a garage sale... eight or nine years ago now? I never got it working, but it was my first exposure to the world. Ever since, I've been interested in getting into the series, but haven't been in a position to buy the books. I should check out my local library, see if they have any of them.

...found some silly bug that let me max the stats for a Owyn so that he melee attacked quite well! Loved the Valheru armor too!  That damn game is almost 20 years old!


Mage on the t-shirt makes me think: Ganbledorf


I never knew that was the same world!

Mages ftw.