Moredhel from Midkemia Online

Text Game Mordhel Image

This image of a Moredhel Elf was created by Chris Bourassa for the text game Midkemia Online.



impressive face and what a sword hilt..


He's Moredhel..they're always mad. Haha

They should be visited by the three spirits of Logosmas

those bastards are scary!


It's awesome!


I wish I could draw like that. :/

Practice, practice, practice and more practice. I got pretty decent at drawing landscapes at one point. All you really need to do is practice mate. You might not be good right off the bat, but the more you draw the better you get. :D

good for you!

I like!

I just wanna know who took the jam out of his donut.


Why does it seem like all the charaters drawn here have frowns?

He's a moredhel, they're about the most sour creatures you'll ever meet. Not too mention he'd happily tear your throat out.

So that's why the statue is there? Last person who pissed him off? :D

They sound interesting.

Sour they might be but they're physcially the same as elves.

They are!

Looks like a sour guy. Is he a rogue?

Very nice.

interesting, looks like a pissed elf

He's a moredhel, or dark elf (but not in the generic fantasy meaning of dark). They don't tend to smile much :P


Someone stepped on his toes?

Very cool. Love the pouty face.

Hehe! Stroppy elf :)

Stroppy - thats it!


i like the expression

Good work. I am starting to like Chris' style day by day. Keep it up. Maybe IRE could think about making a full portfolio of the games.


I like this piece a lot due to it's trueness to a race once again. He's not overly stalky, which is common for elves to be rather small in form. He's a very nice addition to the IRE games artwork!

What happened to immortal beings of eternal youth?

Midkemian edhel are neither immortal nor eternally youthful, although they are extremely long-lived, aging at a much slower rate than humans.

Nice picture!

He looks like someone stole his lunch! but that looks awesome!

It feels good to see an elf who is not a smiling tree-hugger in a fantasy game. Awesome picture, Chris!


...he wasn't too impressed with the previous owner of the head on the pedestal either.  Very nice work, Chris.

I like this depiction of the Moredhel elf of Midkemia. By what I heard of them I think it captures their essence pretty well.

Is it my imagination or is his nose a little rosey too, kind of like the goblins?  Guess there is a lot of drinking going on in Sar-Sar!!!

Always how I imaginedr a forest or city Moredhel, mountain Moredhel are suppose to be bigge

It's excellent art.

Very appropriate mood, too.

More artwork for MKO, please?

He looks very non-amused.

Did someone steal his candy? Or did he bite down on a really sour lemon?


Wonder what the skull is about :)


Well done!