Moredhel from Midkemia Online

Text Game Mordhel Image

This image of a Moredhel Elf was created by Chris Bourassa for the text game Midkemia Online.


Yea, he is looking kinda angry.

Grumpy man is grumpy. :P

Ok, ok, I have to admit... this guy looks like me.

Good grief, you're right!



It is you!

It is you!

turn that frown upside down!

He looks very grumpy.

someone took his lunchbox?

he was made to wear a skirt.

Very...nice? The art is beautiful, of course. My Moredhel were much less sallow, of course. Granted one was Returning...

Moredhel were supposed to be quite elegant, much like the eledhel. The artist captured the standard mood of a moredhel nicely though.

Agreed on all points.

a bit on the older side, is all. Like centuries and centuries old, I'd guess. And yeah - it does capture the mood.

the bad old vampire from Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.

looks frickin' angry! :O

what's with the stone bust? Why do people never smile in these pictures?

needs a hug


Great art and the elf does look like Bill Nighty with pointed ears.

Looks like an unhappy toddler, who never grew up, about to have his tantrum.

He looks like he's pissed that someone made him wear that and then painted him wearing it.

free credit

So awesome.

Credit comment.

Where is Stormbringer!