Portal of Fate

Text Game Portal of Fate Image

The Portal of Fate was created by Chris Bourassa for the text game Lusternia, Age of Ascension.


these are epic

This is a good representation of what I would expect out of a portal like this. I know it was done before by it nailed the Angelina leg.

Agreed! But it does remind me of the Portal from WarCraft II though.


... and why's the girl tiptoe-ing out of the portal??

It isn't a tiptoe, her 6 inch spike heals turned to dust as she stepped through the portal and her foot just hasn't adjusted yet.

How could anyone believe otherwise?


Epic doesn't do it justice.

Glad you like them. I will be adding several more in a few days.

You should paint what it looks like inside the thousandth Door from Achaea! it'd look AMAZING.

Yes please

That would be great to see.




Doo eeet



That would be really neat

Excellent Picture!

More please

So any explanation for us Achaeans?

Wow! This is hot!

I wish there was a translation for the runes, they look phantastic!

More Lusternia art PLEASE! The Portal of Fate looks awesome.

The detailing is nice.

Well done.


Nicely done.


For some reason, I always imagined the Portal of Fate as some kind of foreboding hole in the side of the mountain. This is way cooler, though.

I love how epic these pictures are because it really pushes my imagination. I think I tend to view Lusternia as much more mundane than it could be.

I thought it was some literal portal rainbow whirlpool-esque thing. I've never really looked at the room's description. When I saw the thumbnail for this, I actually thought of Auresae(?did i spell it right?) of Aetolia, ahehehe.



Now we just need the Flame of Yrddrassil :P

love the glowing runes.


Yes rune translation would be cool.

Interesting concept.

This very image convinced me to give Lusternia a try. It's THAT cool.

reminds me of the city on the edge of forever. Nice job!

Not bad at all.

I just love the colours used here.

I've always liked the Portal of Fate. The idea behind coming from the Portal of Fate is that your character likely will lose some or most of their past memories, along with other oddities. This makes for very newbie friendly RP since as you learn more about the game, and also your character, it makes sense that you can steer their RP to your desires as the character learns more about themselves as they regain what the Portal of Fate took.

That is an interesting rp device

Very nice. I like the idea of wearing fire... Hm.


It's very nice.


Or you could just RP a change in character...

so cool!


credit, please. TY



Comments like this make me wish the administration properly enforced their policy of players having to make actual posts about the topic, rather than just one-word declarations for the free credit. 

Totally wondrous

Really really beautiful

Very very huuut


very epic