Portal of Fate

Text Game Portal of Fate Image

The Portal of Fate was created by Chris Bourassa for the text game Lusternia, Age of Ascension.


more firey than I thought

i must not have been paying attention to the descriptions, if that's how creation works.

Beautiful picture. Please post some from Achaea as well, Shallam maybe?


This looks amazing! I love the details in the glowing runes. I'd like to some day see your depiction of the Flame of Yrddrassil from Achaea as well. Great work!

Perfect for another free credit

I like


The portal of fate? Odd... I always thought it was a planar gate to the elemental plane of fire :P

Ah well it looks awsome none the less



Because I do agree.


Wow.....that is so epic looking

This is a stunning depiction.

very nice. the Flame of Yggdrasil would be interesting to see,I hope you can work on one soon.

Nice piece. Looks like a portal of FIRE! EEP! For some reason I imagine that portal not being something good at all, more so like something you want to push your enemies through to throw them to a firey death! Great work though!

I like it Lusternia was one of the IRE games that I am hooked on

flame atronach!

as to the nature of that doorway

stargate ruined my imagination of portals



This is really a good work!

We need more achaea art so that I can stop being jealous


This looks awesome, I'd love to see more areas or monuments from the games portrayed by Chris

Extremely well done, exellent work!


pretty and I want to see more

I love this one. The fire forming the person, and the one leg materializing out of it.

I wish I could draw too...

I always really like Chris's work, though I think it's been said, he does draw back breakingly large breasts.

And he shouldn't stop, really. heh.

Now for a Rift Gate protected by two pantathian serpents please :P

Cool picture.

What really strikes me about this picture is that the flames are so well drawn, your immediate attention goes to that, and the environment blurs around it. Only after that, you begin to notice all that is around it. Not sure if that is intentional.

A picture of the thousandth doorway would be cool but a picture of the room within the thousandth door would be even cooler. Picture a dwarf contemplating an extradimensional hallway with doors everywhere. Doors above you, sideways, upside down. All doorways leading to realms unknown. some of them might be open a crack, just a crack mind you.

that's like... amazing.

Oh wow!

Very pretty

reach for jesus!

I would love to see the flame of yggdrasil represented.

Nice. I think this is where Angelina Jolie got her cue.

Hm. Badass?



That is -awesome-!

Is that how you get to the Outlands?

all the badgers and hounds and whatever people deserted there?

but what does it do? Is it like the World Tree in Achaea?

Another awesome picture by the master Chris Bourassa!  Keep 'em coming!

Need a good yggsdrasil painting


looks awesome

so fate = flaming people?