Portal of Fate

Text Game Portal of Fate Image

The Portal of Fate was created by Chris Bourassa for the text game Lusternia, Age of Ascension.


The glowing runes are neat.

though not quiet how i imagined the portal from my time in lusty. Great non the less!


Happy New Year, Y600!

Fate is pretty hot.


Pretty cool yes

That's flat out amazing.

I second that!! I would love to see how the flame of yrddrassil is depicted by Chris B..

very pretty, but can we get some pics of naked men, too? ;)

all the pets?

well drawn

That disembodied leg..

would still be a great picture I think

Reminds me of the "door" in that old star trek episode "city on the edge of forever". Though it wasn't on fire. Very nice

Pretty amazing.


We want to know what the runes say? Is it a death prophesy?


it just occurred to me that this reminds me a lot of HP and the Order of the Phoenix film, when Bellatrix portal'd out of the ministry hall... amazing coincidence.

3 legged fate or is that a tail?

enter flame. done

Me likey!

That's a nice portal you have there.

The runes definitely add to the mystical feel.



Cool pic

cool picture


cool picture


Wonderfully done

Very nice


This pic, and the story behind the Portal too


imagined it more circular