Satyr Monk from Achaea

Satyr monk from the MMO game Achaea.

This is another fabulous image from Chris Bourassa of a Satyr Monk from the MMORPG world of Achaea.

As with most traditional mythology, the Satyrs of Achaea have the upperbody of a human male and the lower body of a goat. In opposition to the Sirens, the Satyr race are entirely composed of males only.

You can get a bit more info about this race from the Achaea website:



Now that is just an awesome looking Satyr.  Fyll is engaged to one and I would love to think she's enaged to someone as tough and good lookin as this!

I'm disappointed he's wearing pants...

He's wearing a kilt, not pants.


A battle kilt!

*double post

it's double so good?

would not want to receive an uppercut from those knuckles

heck yes. you and me both!

Is he really a monk, or just a drunken brawler?

Looks like the latter in this case.

well he is a Satyr

too much like a boxer imo.

He looks badass.


Doesn't look very tender

Nothing a few Rituals couldn't take care of.

One of those hoofs ends up nailing you square in the kisser. Pow right in the kisser, Pow right in the kisser, Pow right in the baby makers.


All of these pictures make me glad I have a gem of reincarnation.  Just sayin'




He looks like he could tenderise the meat.

that is some bar fight


That's a great look!



This monk looks wicked

Totally stunning

now I am glad that I'm a satyr

So pretty. I want to pet him.

till he gives you an uppercut.

Ah, that is most definitely not Mr. Tumnus~

Buff, mean, tough. Brilliant picture. Mr. Tumnus wishes he looked like this.

Reminds me of Boris Vallejo, very good work!

He was a major influence on many artists.






That pic is awesome!


That is an awesome piece! Satyr anyone?

There goes my illusion of the always cheerful half-goat people...


Never thought about making a Satyr monk. :\

are a very well rounded race, I think. They would make a good monk.


Very impressive artwork indeed. Always nice to see how other people envisage the races. I'm quite happy for Sobby to be portrayed like this.

as always.

Is it any surprise that the Satyr is taking part in what appears to be a drunken bar brawl?  This is a really good piece.

Satyrs are so sexy.

Not a monk I would want to meet in a dark alley....

You wouldn't!