Satyr Monk from Achaea

Satyr monk from the MMO game Achaea.

This is another fabulous image from Chris Bourassa of a Satyr Monk from the MMORPG world of Achaea.

As with most traditional mythology, the Satyrs of Achaea have the upperbody of a human male and the lower body of a goat. In opposition to the Sirens, the Satyr race are entirely composed of males only.

You can get a bit more info about this race from the Achaea website:





Nothing wrong with that!

Drunk monks, another thing Lusternia has.

Looks good!

from the monastic robe wearing bald ninja kid style monk

This image has alot of energy to it. I really like the leather kilt!

indeed it made me think of a bar fight too.

The Satyr is pictured very nicely except maybe more focus should be put on the legs as it is one of the specific features of this race.

He sure can use his fists but it takes more then fists to be of monk class.


I do like the kilt, Tow mostly is a kilt-man too

Great piece of artwork! I would imagine that if it were to have been a less physical class he wouldn't have been -so- beefy. Very fitting being he's a monk however. When is Achaea getting some centaur action? I'd love to have centaur as a race choice and to see this guy create it on his canvas!

You don't see Satyr monks very often.

Again, another stereotype shake up for me, usually picture Satyrs as more effeminate.

Somehow I don't think of a satyr as king of the bar brawl. More of a happy-go-lucky guy who skips around trying to be as carefree as possible.

Read The Bacchae, that will change your mind. Satyrs are vicious in Greek myths.

I just expected... satyrs to be less intimidating and more jolly, hehe.

But I'm not a fan of satire

Can't find fault with this (except maybe with how tiny his lower legs become, sorry). Love it. Very nice.

Say it with me...

Stainless Steel Satyr.

you forgort Skirt.

This is one of my favourite pictures, awesome steel gauntlets!

I want to steal that idea and make an iron chain necklace now..

he has on a lot of arties.

I may have commented on it already, but I saw it again and thought cool pic.

No love for Imperian races?


A little strange to me. I think of Satyrs as having slight builds. Not quite what I see here, heh.

Great art! With all the bottles flying, I wonder if this was a bar brawl.

I love the visual feel of this piece. It's so comic book, I feel like there should be a text bubble with some witty line.

F-yeah, angry goat dude.

Not much hair for a goat!

Epic win!!!

in a middle of a bar brawl?

creepy eyes.  for some reason, I always pictured them as centaurs.

Now this is cool! One of the best of Cris!

Totally not your typical satyr in the traditional sense but a very good depiction.

Brawler monk

Not exactly how I would imagine a Monk (drunken bar fights?) but definitely how I imagine a Satyr.



time to change back I think

Time to change back I think

It breaks the sterotype and that is what makes it good. It makes you think ,"Oh yeah I suppose they might look like that after all." The new and origional always beat the old  and sterotypical.

You had better not wipe the sweat off of your brow well wearing those gloves.

Looks awesome

well, at least we are getting some skin-showing equality with the female pictures from this one

That's really awsome artwork!

love the gauntlets/knuckles

A very nice picture, though he looks more like a brawler than a marial artist.

Master of the punch, the kick and the headbutt.

mango monk



somehow, i find the horns to... horny.