Sci Fi Human from Tears of Polaris

Sci-Fi RPG Human

More game art from Chris Bourassa. This time an image of a human female from the sci-fi text game, Tears of Polaris.


Exactly as the subject says, I want her belt. The entire picture is cool, don't get me wrong... but I really want that belt. :P

That belt is pretty badass

How do those pants stay on?

The belt suspends local gravity..see the belt also effects her breasts.


A chick with a gun. Mmmmmmmhh SEXY!


(Y) Agreed.

I am seeing two belts and I am not sure which one you want. Tha ammo belt that covers her boobs or the belt that is around her waist. Anyway it is more good artwork and I appreciate that.

The latter. :)


Something in this picture is very distracting. I think it's the neck scarf.


Yes. Boobs.

awh no belly button


So you can learn gun proficiency I see...;)

she has a scarf on?

The first MUD I ever played was sci fi, so I'm severely interested...


Don't you know in the future we will be incubated in a lad so there is no need for a belly button.

Dragos, even in a sci-fi setting, mpreg disturbs me. I'd much rather be incubated in a lab than in a lad. <.<


And by scarf they mean breasts.

 I believe her belly button is covered by her top to be honest. Great piece of artwork though and nice touch with the smoking gun and the rounds of ammunition about her torso. The background also is nice for role-play purposes of artwork being what realm this is for.

I'm really starting to want to play the game :P

Too bad it won't happen in the near future.

Awesome art! as expected from Mr. Chris Bourassa.

This makes me think of the characters from Firefly and Farscape... Inara and Aeryn Sun collision.


looks great of course, but sheesh, is that armor or a bikini?

Who needs armour when you got guns? Thats what the shield belt is for



Oo nice gun your eyes are drawn to that among other things.

Bring back ToP :(

With cherries and more ice cream on top?




Is this game still on hold?

I believe, 'shelved' is a better term to describe it. 'On hold' feels a bit more current.



Stop teasing me, IRE!

I am Bill Nighy, and I deserve to be in space! Make it happen, IRE, pretty please?

IRE please make TOP get started. BTW, good picture! I like it a lot.

I should try this tears of Polaris it looks rather interesting


saw this pic again just now, and loving it more than before.

atleast one part of machine installed in her body.

what is the status of this game, anyways?

Sad to say. I believe it won't get taken off the backburner for a while.

Tears of Polaris is postponed indefinitely, sadly.


Indeed. You might say...that the credit is due.

It is too bad that this is still on hold, it would be a fun different game to play.

And cool pic

Moar please.

man really wish they would get back to making this game /pout