Sci Fi Human from Tears of Polaris

Sci-Fi RPG Human

More game art from Chris Bourassa. This time an image of a human female from the sci-fi text game, Tears of Polaris.


I wanted to check this game out too...

real departure theme-wise from the other realms.  Looked neat, too bad.

Yeah :(

Yes but I think if it was done right it would have worked quite well.



is awesome

he is, he damn is.


They just have to make this game!!!!!! It would be so awesome!

Even has the Cindy Crawford mole...

nice or neat, but to sci-fi for me

Credit comment.

looks heavy.

looks chafing.

Ammo belt is a little tight, but I don't think that's its fault...

This stuff makes me want to play these other games. :(

Very nice.

I'm personally glad the opportunity for cleavage wasn't missed.

Is this game up and running?