Siren of Achaea

Siren Assassin MUDs

This is the original artwork of a Siren from the MMO Achaea, drawn by Chris Bourassa. However, some of you complained that her armour was too skimpy, so Chris Bourassa drew one a little more covered up!


I love Chris' work (even though he paints back breaking boobs) but is this seriously what we want to be promoting for Achaea? I very much doubt that 'assassin' would last long in any city dressed like that.

Love the dagger though, very Apostate like.

Nippleguards of Absorption will do wonders for protection.


it's awesome

Yes, but can she sing?

Yeah, the Michael Jackson nose is killing me.


She's...really ugly, wow. And why are her nipples protected, but NOTHING ELSE?

they're protected for your sake not hers

Nipple chafe is a serious issue plaguing society.

I've to agree, it's rather weird, but I guess it's for the seduction component before killing her target.

Seduction component my ass! LOL It is more like FLEE FLEE! Run like the wind! Is what I will be doing after seeing that! And no, epidermal will not cure your blindness either, Not from that!

The swirled pattern in the "pasty armor" this is to hypnotize prey.

I really like a lot of Bourassa's other work. He's obviously very talented, but I agree in that she is really ugly. Also, imagining her trying to run or do anything useful in that outfit just brings to mind a lot of pain. She needs more support!

Let's hope enemies wil aim for this part.


We need Tekla to come kill her.

Gods above... this is... ugh.

I have to agree with the above two.  No.  No, no, no.  This isn't how Sirens should work, and isn't seductive or enticing at all.  It's just stupid.

Gotta agree with the above, doubt she'd last very long, I think it's the face that throws me off the most, else it's good art!

Looks like most sirens, minus any clothing.

If Dolly Parton were to ever goth out, I expect this might be similar to the result.


Now that is one image that will take me a long time to claw out of my mind.


Is it odd that she turns me on a little?


Heh, umm I thought sirens were supposed to look young?

I always thought sirens didn't necessarily had to look pretty, but their seductive beauty was more ethereal and mystical and not really explainable.

How true is it, in every video game, the less armour a female wears, the higher her defense, etc. is, and the more protected she is.

Whereas for males, the less armour, the more pitiful looking, and the more armour, the more 'OMG WHAT IS THAT' they look. Lol, I like the style though.

The Nameless One, He-Man, and every fantasy barbarian ever written would like to have a word with you.


Though, this may not be the best realistic depiction of an assassin (Siren, or not), it is still amazing art, and amazingly hot. I love it.

If I run into this siren, she's getting an arrow in the gut.

If I run into this siren, she's getting an arrow in the gut.

Wow, she looks really bad ass!

I agree with the subject of your reply - She looks really bad. And, now we understand the reason that Achaea is leaning more towards mudsexers - IRE is made up of guys who go 'hawt' and don't do a thing to stop it.

I agree, she's a bit too underclothed.

She's performing a ritual? Donno, not sure about the assassain class in the game. :P She seems under clothed yea, but there are other possibilities as well... alright not many outside seducing people, but still.


The art is amazing anyways!

sexy and dark, love it.

I have to agree with most of the comments. They did give me something to laugh about today. Never played a siren but that is not how I imagine one looking at all. Sorry Chris.

How you doin?


Makes me think Necromancer or Occultist...

Dang!  bet she's drafty

Sirens are meant to be attractive, no?

That's a nice pair of candelabras.

Needs more sex appeal...and cowbell.

Why ringmail is so weak as far as defensive stats go.

as subject says

Did she get that skull from a cooking a fish?

While the artwork quality is good, and I think it fits the theme of Achaea... Boobs? And scantily cladness. TOO MUCH!


Well, I've seen some of his other work, s'not bad.

*shudder* no no, go away

it's ok

I like my redheaded siren in game much more...but it is good artwork