Siren of Achaea

Siren Assassin MUDs

This is the original artwork of a Siren from the MMO Achaea, drawn by Chris Bourassa. However, some of you complained that her armour was too skimpy, so Chris Bourassa drew one a little more covered up!


I wonder how she keeps the nippleguards on. Is it magic?

Spirit gum

Good picture, though it doesn't seem very Siren like to me.

um, all i can say is wow, i'd be afraid to come across her, but not because of her skills, i'd be afraid i'd get poked in the eye by one of her boobs.  this is so totally not how i'd imagine a siren to look, i'd give them much more class than this

This is kind of how I pictured the two sirens I kill multiple times a day.

wow...I guess I have seen descriptions damn near like that.

She kinda reminds me of me before I became a dwarf... she looks more like a ritualistic occultist than an apostate in my opinion... but this chris artist really knows what he is doing it is really cool.

Almost looks like the bride of chucky.

Why is she wearing sleeves and a collar...and then nothing else?

She's also wearing a belt and sandals!



Not exactly my version of appealing. But good art anyways!



She needs to put her clothes back on

yay. why can't a female be bad ass and dangerous WITH clothes on?

Damn, I didn't know they had botox over in Achaea. Learn something new every day.



She one ugheh siren, but this art is damn good

Girls in video games don't wear -clothes-. How have you people missed that? Geez.


Though, srsly, she's a pretty accurate representation of most "dark" side female characters.


I like the picture in general, but the face is a bit disappointing.

The body is nice but the face is a bad kind of weird.  That dagger would be way cool if the eye moved around and blinked from time to time. If I saw her on the street I would give pause before I attacked. That pile of skulls speaks for itself.

She is a serious Butter Face!! Everything seems nice, BUT HER FACE!!! Why did you make her so ugly?

This piece would be greatly complemented by a Boz rework.

Very lovely artwork, and while I don't think she is how sirens should be portrayed overall, it would be hard to capture each type and make a picture that satisfes everyone.

never pictured a siren apostate before

Hilarious, and she's pretty ugly.


Would have been better if it was made to look like a guy in drag, probably true to most players of that race.

She's got a shrunken head

gives a whole new meaning to a Siren

Still needs a little dressing up for decency sake

Still needs a little dressing up for decency sake

Quite wicked it seems

Dangerous looking

blown up boobs, blown up face!

Ah, so I did find the dressed down version too.

I must strangely say the face was somehow drawing most of my attention. Can't put my finger on it but somehow in version two the face is more appealing as here. Somehow it even gets a bit repulsive here. Even a greater artist as I thought if done on purpose


One well endowed siren.

A perfect translation of most sirens in Achaea. Show how ridiculous and impractical they are! Chris was just staying true to the game! :P

Plus Dolly Parton hair. I'm not sure if I'd get seduced by that, teh gai aside.

Looks like a mudsex alt :( She'd be a lot prettier and acceptable with better clothing. Poor thing.


Its like someone read all the descriptions of sirens and drew the average one

ah. i forgot -this- siren drawing existed.