Siren Apostate of Achaea

Siren Apostate from Achaea

Straight from the high fantasy world of Achaea, here is an updated version of a Siren apostate. She's a little more alluring, and a hell of a lot more dangerous!


Didn't they already post this?

Note it's essentially labelled "Second Edition," so it is probably slightly different than the original.


Ah yeah. Her top is more modest than the old one. 

In the old one, her nipples were covered with tiny metal armor thingies. Now they are covered and much more modest. I can definitely see this being a Mhaldorian siren

She's been recoloured and they fixed her face.


Maybe it's just that I haven't played Achaea all that much, but I thought Sirens were supposed to be more beautiful and less slutty. More like this image.


This one works at the house of ill repute.

Double the awesomeness!

she's great... I thought about mentioning the oiled up body but then it started to sound creepy

Don't sirens have a natural sheen anyway? :-)

or a charlie sheen

Deadly drug, that Sheen.


They do, no? :P



not creepy!

Still a great painting.


This is a great painting!

This is a great painting!

Indeed, it is!

No not creepy at all. But yes it is a nice painting.

from the candles, its awesome

excellent details


Nice, but don't they have chain mail usually or some such?

There's chains in there, see?


Which clearly counts as armor for women

thats... something.. I wonder what an Mhunish occultist would look like. heh

thats... something.. I wonder what an Mhunish occultist would look like. heh

What, with the skull in hand and all.

Still too revealing...

Someone really needs to make a good Siren picture that doesnt involve her being half naked.  Beauty does not require nudity.  A fully cloaked Siren could be just as beautiful.


I personally imagine sirens being like movie stars. Nim is japanese schoolgirl with weapons type action star, for instance (okay, that's more a character played than an actor, but you know)

It'd be cool if they were sold as this rather  than as porn stars. D: 

This is a generally true statement, but it appears to clash with the general concensus among artists.


...someone's mudseks alt?

Someone is a really good artist.


A bit too revealing for my tastes.

Siren! Half the point would be to snare men and stab them in their heart.

This is a bit more revealing then I think it should be however it is much more modest then the first version. That complaint aside the details on the daeggar are nice and I like the dark setting for it

so this is the 'dressed up' version? Almost hard to imagined an even more dressed down version. Fitting of the image many might have of a siren. Wonderfully done and sure is sexy. It sure has its place.  But like I said on other posts a fantasy world needs a bit of both from too sexy to too ugly.


ps: damn I missed the too sexy version

A Sexy Apostate .... interesting. I know Siren are supposed to be easy on the eyes, but I would think this one would need some sort of armour or sorts? Or is she out for a night on the town ? Good artwork, although being an opostate, I think she's a bit dressed down for the job.



I like that she has her throat and arms covered up, in case she gets cold.

Nice, hahaha

Is that Chidori?

Does anyone else think her daegger looks like the Sword of Omens from the original ThunderCats?


"Sword of Omens, give me sight beyond sight!"




So this is why people engage in MUD-relations...

but her face is not attractive at all. 

I was thinking "butterface," too.