Siren Apostate of Achaea

Siren Apostate from Achaea

Straight from the high fantasy world of Achaea, here is an updated version of a Siren apostate. She's a little more alluring, and a hell of a lot more dangerous!


It really is good to see our complaints made them release a second, slightly improved version of this picture. Still kinda revealing, but less overdone than the first one.


I kind of like the first one, in a silly childish kind of way.

I can has omenz nao? :3

I can has omenz nao? :3

  Cool! :)

 She's got this 60's B-Movie feel about her, I like alot! (and not in a pervey way) :)

 In regards to why she isn't wearing chain-mail – she's obviously doing a ritual and, well, heavy armour chafes so horribly when one is trying to focus upon drawing Demonic entities from the Inferno through a trans-dimensional breach.


except for the no clothing thing.  Sirens never wear clothes?

She looks like a neolithic sex godess.

Great depiction of a Siren Apostrate! She look's pretty creepy doing her ritual!



Nice art, but needs more taste


She's thinking: l will seduce you and rip out your entrails, and wear them for garters..


She changed into a bra finally I see

Topless killers too much for you?


Much better than the old one.

springs to mind...


Thought that too.





As a Mhaldorian Apostate, I'm not certain this meets our requirements. I like this version though.. Hmmmmmm mmmmmm.


I am Bill Nighy, and I like Ms. Vampire a tad bit more. But great job, as always, CB!

Its good art no matter how you like the woman protrayed. I wouldn't know whether to run screaming or ask her for a date.

The ever reliable chainmail bikini, a mere 100,000,000 gold, a great deal for 40/40 stats! And look at the model!







The last one only her nipples were covered (by some form of glue, or suction, I assume), but at least the covers were metal. Now she's just wearing a bra..


Reguardless, well done pieces, both this one and the original.

Do apostates usually wear actual armor?


not someone I'd want to date

Dating a woman with a knife probably means trouble.

the better the armor?


Hers must be nigh-on invincible, then.

Much better than the original!

wonderful details and just damn good.

needs wider hips

The nipple tassels of doom have been upgraded.

WOW maybe I should give Ach a try lol



oh goodness, hips!

Credit comment.

always great images from Cris for IRE

malignist.. though Imperian lacks sirens.

love it! 



Not a bad race choice, shes cute to.

A female version of Chucky.

With thunder thighs.

mush chafe like hell

alweys skulls