Ssylsin Diabolist of Imperian

RPG Diabolist

An image of a Ssylin Diabolist sitting astride a hulking mount, RPG fanstasy artwork by Chris Bourassa.Straight from the free-to-play game world of Imperian, this Ssylsin Diabolist is riding high on her foul Oroborous. Art by Chris Bourassa.


That is just about the ugliest couple i have ever seen!


I concur.

That ouroboros is going to give me  nightmares 

That's an ouroboros? They ride ouroboros? I kinda want to try them out now...

Agreed! Serp's never been my thing though.

Ouroboros... is going to give me nightmares as well. So is the rider as well.

Seconded. Creepy.

That diabolist is going to give them to me


Boy you aren't kidding. Yikes!!



I've always wondered how one would look like since the description emphasizes shifting shapes.

Who would have thought it was actually a worm of some type.

Serpent or dragon.

That is a sword or a club?


You can see more of it in the background.  It looks awesome too.

the ouroboros is supposed to be a snake biting its own tail. =)


Seems to me it's after more than its tail.

You can get one of those? aww, no fair.

I'm jealous, too!

For some reason I always pictured it smaller.  This gives it a whole new badass concept for those of us who play diabolist. 

Interesting tongue there...

Hm, I imagined them looking more... snake-like.

THAT'S an Ouroboros? I'm way more scared of Diabolists now.

That is a face only a mother could love.


You KNOW plenty others in game love em too ;)

This is disturbing and awesome at the same time!  It's the ouroboros' beard (is that a beard?) and skull-like face that disturb me.  And that there's a mount as a big as that IG.


glad i have not come across that duo as of yet

However, there is but a few that is scary. If scary at all.




love the saddle. whish there where saddles with the ability to carry items in achaea.


Really cool! Great image!

Hmmm, interesting

I doubt there is anything remotely like this in game, but damn, I can dream.

Wait what is it? A mount, a pet, door prize?


That Ouroboros is going to keep me up tonight

Yeah, it's scary :(

That is exactly how I pictured an ouroboros.

it's awesome

Great picture.




Wicked sick





Not sure it makes me want to play the game though