Ssylsin Diabolist of Imperian

RPG Diabolist

An image of a Ssylin Diabolist sitting astride a hulking mount, RPG fanstasy artwork by Chris Bourassa.Straight from the free-to-play game world of Imperian, this Ssylsin Diabolist is riding high on her foul Oroborous. Art by Chris Bourassa.


Those two are pretty scary! Great artwork! I'll have to check out Imperian and these Diabolist riding Oroborous!

a whole different style of art from Chris then his newer Achaean work. But still an amazing play of light and dark.

I only been in Achaea so can't really comment on how it fits the game. The demonic mount sure came out great, a real nightmare. Makes me wonder what other dreadful images appear in Chris' mind. Or do they only grow from the paper or the screen without knowing what the end result gonna be?



But only because I'm pretty attached to the kind of snake-person that has a snake body, not legs. Legs do not make a snake-man, more like a lizard.

It's mammaries on a non-mammalian creature that get to me.  I can deal with the legs.


omg!!! that's.... that's jus creepy... and kinda kewl at the same time!

I love the design for the ouroboros.


I'd play Imperian just for that exact Ouroborous.

Didn't realise the serpent demon ouroboros was so big.

Souls => Makes you fat!


I like everything except her cleavage and the fact that she's licking it.

 I do not play Imperian however, the artwork is interesting. I'd imagine this female isn't one to be trifled with, and her mount even more so. She just looks of the evil type! Good artwork nonetheless.

What is that beast she is riding?

The detail on the worm things mask is epic

oh joy



Never looked like that in my mind when I was on Imperian, but cool none the less.


Its like watching a car wreck. It's so ugly you have to look at it.

The receipt-ish spell scroll.

no matter how many times I look at this pic, I feel like I might get nightmares from it.. way to go!!!!

animal is this she is riding?


Love the Orobouros as a snake/worm thing than some typical apeish two legged thing.


Yet another homerun from Chris Bourassa!  Very nice!

My eye is drawn to the scrollcase. Nice details.


Bald headed women are ugly. The worm is prettier than she is.

the worm has a beard? What a strange world imperian must be...bearded worms and bald women

Of the player art pictures

weird. pull one of it's chin hair thingies...

This is a bit scary...

That mount is awesome!

Bald lady with fangs and forked tongue?



What a unique take on the subject! Great work! :)

ah.. and I was always wandering what this image was..

Where did her hair go? :(

still creepy and gives me nightmares..

She looks like a serpent.

I really do wish we could get a female that was dressed at all reasonably

i find it weird i am more interested in the papyrus scroll-looking thing she has there. to me, it just seals the deal for the pic.

Looks like an enraveling toilet paper.

why would she scribble glyphs while in the can?

i like her ride!


big boobies

do diabolists really carry swords?

Viking worms? What??

The wyrm is pretty neat.

Love the mask on the mount!

Interesting idea for a mount on Achaea.