Ssylsin Diabolist of Imperian

RPG Diabolist

An image of a Ssylin Diabolist sitting astride a hulking mount, RPG fanstasy artwork by Chris Bourassa.Straight from the free-to-play game world of Imperian, this Ssylsin Diabolist is riding high on her foul Oroborous. Art by Chris Bourassa.


that looks awesome...

I will never understand how she can keep her breasts inside.

Good question.... SORCERY!

wondering what a stab wound from that sword she's holding would look like...

I may or may not have just soiled my pants.

Creepy as hell.

nice art

Love the detail on the mast thing. Not how I imagine an ouroboros but still cool.

that mount is cool..


I have a great idea for art, only I can't draw to save my life. Visually, I have no skills. I needs to find me an awesome artist before Vashir steals my idea...

Credit comment.

makes it just look messy.

Whatever they stuck in her chest, they injected into her head.