Tarpen of Aetolia

Evil Shaman

Chris Bourassa has continued to pump out amazing art for the MMORPG game Aetolia. Check out this stunning Tarpen and make sure the pay special attention his little doll and the skeleton in the foreground.


Very nice.


Every time I look at it its good art. Notice the doll and the skeleton have their daggers in the same places. Think there is a link there?


Heh, Doctor Seuss meets Micro dots and orange juice.

Bah! Meant to post with my Achaean account! No matter I'll get it this time! Muahahaha!


It is, it's just creepy. Seeing some of these makes me want to try Aetolia again. Only I seem to have the same experience every time I play... :/



This is pretty creepy! I can't find any information about  the Tarpen on the site though, or on Aetolia's site.

Are they a race or something you fight?