Tarpen of Aetolia

Evil Shaman

Chris Bourassa has continued to pump out amazing art for the MMORPG game Aetolia. Check out this stunning Tarpen and make sure the pay special attention his little doll and the skeleton in the foreground.



Look at the doll.  Now look at me.  Now back to the doll.  Now look at the knife in your skull.

*plays theme song*


Nice hat.

I agree.


These are great pictures

The art is nice but I don't think it represents what Tarpen as a whole.

From the thumbnail I thought this was a Raja Jester at first.

That was what I was thinking too.

I wouldn't want to face that.. thing!

That doll is really creepy! I like it!

That is awesome art.


What is a tarpen?

Is that? :o Definately puppetry goin on there at least.

makes me jealous to see such talent. i dont know the game nor the race/class but the art work is impressive in and of its self

I think so too!

Fantastic work!

I hope I'll never meet someone like that.

pretty cool

I don't know what that thing is, cool as it looks. I'm getting some serious 'evil Mad Hatter' vibe going on, though

....you read my mind...GET OUT OF MAH MIND C'THULU!!!!!

What are these guys - rat-men? I can't find anything about them on the Aetolia website or wiki. They look awesome though. And I love the baroque voodoo-punk theme he has going on with the skulls and bones, overcoat, top hat, grisgris pouch, and patched and stitched clothing.

Any information on what Tarpen are would be great. Cuz apparently they've been the subject of two pieces already. Not really seeing the connection.


Very nice. The current batch of artwork has been great.

Aetolia looks really dark and nasty overall.

good work! Pictures from Achaea, please!!!

Very cool. Kinda reminds me of a dark dementde version of the hatter in alice in wonderland


Quite right. I was thinking the same thing. Very cool indeed.

Cool, this is a very nice design!

It looks interesting.

the party boat is here!

That looks great! The doll, the candles..all very dark and creepy!

I still find this guy awesome and I would totally play him.

Suggestion for a second article: caption contest. What is that skeletion saying?

This picture is amazing. I love the lighting effects, and how creepy the character looks. His expression really makes it seem evil.

So wickedly jovial!

What the heck is a tarpen?

I like this one, its cool. But what Regnilolo said, are they rat people?

Those teeth are definitely rodent like, so I'm guessing rat over a fluffy rabbit.

Not sure what tarpen are, however very nice piece of art and great depiction of what looks to be some sort of puppetry involved there. I don't think I'd mess with this guy for sure!

I do not know what Tarpens are either, but between the necromancer and this, I am convinced I would not wnat to meet one in a dark alley, or a well-lit one for that matter. He does look a Cajun voodoo master though!

and probably speaks like Gambit, too.

Back to them Jesters!

really cool art!  What is that thing?!

love the artwork

That is one nasty looking character. You wouldn't want to meet that thing in a dark alley.

is a tarpen though?


I wouldn’t mind finding out too – are they from the new continent?


hellacious details!!