Tarpen of Aetolia

Evil Shaman

Chris Bourassa has continued to pump out amazing art for the MMORPG game Aetolia. Check out this stunning Tarpen and make sure the pay special attention his little doll and the skeleton in the foreground.


That thing looks awesome. I want to party with it.

I wouldn't!

I have pants that look just like that!

I like, that's cool!


Very cool painting!

Nice and creepy.

I'm guessing some ratty voodoo witch thing.


Very nice!


Looks like more of an Imperian class than an Aetolia one.

That's amazing, I love the doll!

I do have some problems with the face though

Is truly amazing! Actually makes me wanna go play Aetolia!

Cool lookin'.

I see this and I think, "Shaman juice!"

Very nice

Why, exactly, did I not even recognize Tarpen as an Aetolian race? :|a

Wicked awesome!

I don't think I've seen one of these in Aetolia yet! Very nice, though.

this is a good one. the details make it memorable.

or wolf? Or what?

Creepy! I like!

I want to see one of these.

He seems like a trusty fellow.

I remember vodun getting dropped from Imperian. This reminds me of it, but I'd be surprised if they implimented something similar.

that is an aggressive dagger through the skull there...

Pretty sweet picutre, that.

Wicked :D

Would be cool inspiration for a Shaman. Pictures always cool as usual.

Or a puppeteer. Or a joker.

seeing this again... wow, truly amazing.


I wish I could draw/paint/artsify like that...

even the laziest person would throw those pants away.

Which is why if you keep them no one would ever steal them from you! They're total win!

Definitely agree about the raja jester thing.


This is probably my favorite piece of art on this website thusfar. The finely dressed whatever-he-is is amazing, although I like the dagger-filled victim in front of him too.

ahhh the sceleton in the android app!! 

there are so many better art from Cris.. you should change that sceleton from the mobile app.. it makes login ugly to me at least..

And the caption:

   "How much would you pay for this invisible hobbit?"


Nice Art

The Mad Hatter

wicked cool, detailed, imaginative.  This would make me want to try a game for the first time.

So creepy and adorable!

Aetolian, although I don't have a clue what a Tarpen is either.


Because every slightly-Victorian artwork could use moar monocle.

..Not someone my character would enjoy bumping into at night.

sings, "I wanna be a tarpin...and you can be my tarpina."

Nice pic


Its nice but I too would like to know what it is