Tears of Polaris Velkin

Sci-Fi RPG art

This is the racial image for a Velkin from the sci-fi MMO text game, Tears of Polaris. This excellent image was created by Chris Bourassa.





Little things like this here and there remind me of how much I want to play this when it comes out.

Me too!

Helping me with that box... what does it do, whats it for? Why is there a giant bug wielding the box? Can I kill it and steal the box?

Maybe the box is a universal translator saying, 'we come in peace...'


So cool!

seems like it's been for ages.. and yea cooool painting


their people like cubes and squares don't they? seems like a repeating pattern

Except The Cube sequels. They were rubbish.

Third one is okay. Fouth and on was just rubish.


kill the BUG!!!!!!!great art though


Heh, I thought it was a robot at first.

Heh, same.

Bugs are for squishing.



interesting race in deed .. what is it some sort of praying mantis type of race, and it's holding Pandora's box!  Great piece of artwork, but I don't think I'd choose that race to save my life! Bugs are creepy!

Bugs are fun to play.

Much more so than the other IRE inscect race art. Awesome race! Now I want Tears of Polaris to actually happen even more. :(

As did the rest of the Polaris universe, I hope I'd get around to testing it all out, but I'm so caught up with Midkemia it's hard to say now.

If Tears had been released.

Looking forward to a new IRE release

Neat art.

I love the artwork of Velkin! The details in the cube object thing in his hands and the cubes on his belt are great! Superb! I hope we hear more from Tears of Polaris someday!

reminds me of an asparagus.  pretty neat

RIP Velkins


Darn, your a talented artist!!

he is, isn't he?

The only good bug, is a dead bug. "I am from Buenos Aires, and I say kill 'em All!" (Starship Troopers).

And steal the boxes I say! Though he has alot of cubes about him...

I was really looking forward to ToP.

the angles all agree with my thoughts on 'insectoid'. However, the hands are a bit too human

the more i look at it, the more I start to like it!!


Please come out so I can play a multi-limbed insect with plasma guns in each hand going PEWPEWPEW at every chance I can get.




Looks like the Lusternia bug people race.

Cool looking bug type race


praying mantis

Despite the site going down for "Down Time" Velkin are by far one of the races I looked forward to the most, and still do!


What the heck is tears of Polaris never heard of it though