Tears of Polaris Velkin

Sci-Fi RPG art

This is the racial image for a Velkin from the sci-fi MMO text game, Tears of Polaris. This excellent image was created by Chris Bourassa.



As far as I know it's no longer being worked on.

I think they're planning a total reboot of it. In which case, it isn't ToP anymore. Was really looking forward to it, though.

We shall see.

I'm hoping they still keep the lore. That is by far the largest reason I spent so much time lurking their forums.

That is sad. But if they're not making ToP, I'd honestly rather they just stuck to improving the games we've got already.


Dissapointing, all the same. That bug man looks awesome. :/

It would have been nice and different. Guess we need to wait for the Mass Effect MMO

A picture of a game that will never come out?  Makes me sad.

Too true.

All that cool sounding lore wasted!



Seriously was looking forward to this game, to bad its on hold, has there been any news in regards to possible development?

No matter how many times I see this, i'm still equally impressed! I love it!


makes me wonder of the size of the planet, really.. the gravity there should be similar or smaller then ours..

Velkk was apparently supposedly a high gravity planet with few mountains which gave Velkins an extreme fear of heights. That one's just standing up straight, many would be crouched over into an almost ball-like shape

looks buggy

What the heck?

A bug?

That's interesting.. why was this game cancelled?

Although to many distraught players it pretty much means the same thing as cancelled you can read about it HERE

The Forums are down, so the links don't work

Very cool

Cool picture.

Great piece of work

Please keep it coming.

Please make this game?

I was really looking forward to ToP.

Whatever happened to this game?

Is Tears of Polaris back on track?

Guess scifi really is a big step away from fantasy.

This looks neat!

Too bad it was cancelled. :(

I guess it is -not- back in production, just an old article.  It would be nice if those articles had some dates attached to them.

Sad it had to be dropped too...the concept of it all was really compelling.


Woot! For bug races. Boo! For lack of Tears of Polaris.

This is a great picture and it makes me a little sad that Tears of Polaris has been put on hold indefinitely as I was excited about it.


Why does everyone always want to kill the bugs? *chitters*






with you and bugs?

Still looking forward to whatever iteration of ToP comes to be!


Khephera in spaaaaaaaaaaace!

still no updates on this?


Bug races like this always seemed a bit trite to me.


got cancelled? I remember a test or something it was rather nice

Cool and kind of icky at the same time

silly bug races, sigh.