The Elfen Race from Lusternia

RPG Elf Girl

This image come from the text based rpg game Lusternia. It is a depiction of a female Elfen. The Elfen are descended from the Elder Goddess Elfenehoala, and this race have always had a close affinity to the forests. If you like the looks of this, create an Elfen character on the text game Lusternia right now!


One of the coolest races in Lusternia when added with specific org archetypes.

Your elves fly around on brooms? That's OP.

My thoughts exactly!

Very nice pick but I have to agree flying brooms? not fair!

is she riding a broom?

yes, but no one says anything because of the wicked dagger.


...that "I dare you" glare...

yea!  what's with the broom.  Nice art though.


She's a wiccan, and wiccans get broom mounts, it's very simple.

That DOES boil it down pretty simply.


Always loved Elfen





just when you thought you were cooler for playing txt based someone makes you wish you had graphix. :P

It is a problem with these nice pictres - fairly sure I would have to spend a lot more on a computer if I wanted graphics like that

now that belt really keeps you slim.

Why is she featured on the Achaea website when she's from Lusternia? Also...where are the Achaea drawings?

knew I saw this before...



Very attractive, makes me want to take a peek over in Lusternia.



Not sure about the race itself, but wow on the large boobs. How's she stay on that broom with all that! Good piece of art though.  It'd be nice to have a broom to ride in Achaea in stead of a lot of mounts which require feeding!

gypsy witch? Very interesting, the gypsy on the broom, nothing else, obviously

Just noticed the fur rufflex one the arms. Winter Court?

Hence the visible nipples. She's freezing!

I thought they tried to disassociate themselves from traditional fantasy settings... Go figure.

Look's great! I had no idea wiccans in Lusternia get to ride around on brooms! Pretty neat.

Better than the stereotypical elfen depicitions you usually see - except, woah cleavage. I think the hat/headscarf would have been better on an angle. Otherwise, very nice.

Agreed. Visible nipples are a minor meh as well. She does have a very nice style going though!

but then again, neither are the elfen in Lusternia.



She's flying on a broom.

This picture was the deciding factor when I created an elf in Lusternia. Of course, if you're going through Nexus where you see visuals when deciding race, isn't that the thing you go off of?

The version on the Lusternia website has fae dancing around her.

I'd not realised there were different versions. Time to go look.


you know what they say about girls with big ears.


Oi. They're not big, they're long and slender.

Don't be hatin' on our elfen.

Makes me want to roll and Elfen!

on a broom..


Achaea drawings, please.

Ya know, I've always pictured the elfen as not being quite so large-breasted. I don't know why.


My first lusty race was elfen!

Mine was faeling which is sorta half elfen? I like being a kephera much better though.

Very nice.

Boo, lesser race! /RP


(I actually secretly love this artwork.)

Yeah heard me!

Yea, I suppose to get enough material for all those brooms..

Very nice!

I love the dagger and broom. So does she fly on a broom and stab people at the same time?


Ain't that called broom-by?