The Elfen Race from Lusternia

RPG Elf Girl

This image come from the text based rpg game Lusternia. It is a depiction of a female Elfen. The Elfen are descended from the Elder Goddess Elfenehoala, and this race have always had a close affinity to the forests. If you like the looks of this, create an Elfen character on the text game Lusternia right now!


Thats the hottest wiccian I have ever seen.... wait... Thats the only wiccian I have ever seen.

Really neat looking race!

Looks cool

she's an interesting busty elf.  nice dagger!


She looks kinda gypsy-esque. Still cool.


great art. Always impressive Cris..


I love the blue colours used. Does this drawing date from 2005?

Very nice

Credit post.