The Eternal Flame

Text Game Eternal Flame Image

Here is an image of the Eternal Flame from the online text adventure game, Lusternia.


that's quite an epic flame. makes you wonder if you survive flying around it like the dragon does

Reminds me of the one on Shala-Khulia

I always pictured Drachou being bigger!


Wow, maybe I should play this and see it I'n text form



Neat image, What does it do?

In lusty every city/commune has a nexus of power, which connects to various planes. The Eternal flame in this case connects to the elemental plane of Fire and the Cosmic plane of Vortex. As well as serving as a traveling point in the game for the orgs citizens like my Character Vuris. It allows players to add power to it, which keeps it up and running (and prevents all of our guards from going poof) As well as draw said power to fuel our epic feats of mass destruction. From ripping souls from other players, to driven them mad, to even aging 'em to dust. Though the Eternal Flame only fuels Guadiguchian related guils and powers, other nexus' fuels the other powers as well.

Yeah, I like this a lot better than the Matrix one.

I've always wondered how the hell Lusternia keeps churning neat updates almost on a periodic basis... Good job, Estarra!

umm, surfboards and pogo sticks beg to differ.

Where is this flame in Lusty?


It's the Gaudiguch nexus!

ahh cool

very nice







you sound like borat. haha.

To rule them all :P

And in the flesh bind them.

that doesn't make sense.

awesome art and as a bonus if all else fails you can light your pipes there. :P

You can put things in a nexus. Some people toss cactus weed it. :D

Please, please tell me there's a special effect if you put cactus weed in the Eternal Flame.

is in Gaudiguch, which is the city tha basically "worships" fire.


Nothing wrong with that!

nothing at all!

and flesh.

Looks like a firespout. Nice work.

I like it!



Nice view

Very good artwork

It really is!

This is true.

Really very beautiful

For some reason I never pictured the rest of the city looking like that. Flame's awesome, though.



sould also probably mention the the Drachou is a dragon, but with butterfly wings!


This versions wing kind of resemble a butterfly's, but I Prefer Feyrll's version of Drachou. (It's also a good example of why I could never win one of Lusternia's Artisinal contests)

Wow, that's really nice.

Huh. That does indeed look pretty awesome.


I prefer his dragon-type and like the artwork, but I wouldn't call those butterfly wings in any meaningful use of the term.

fire worshipers, awesome

any snake eaters?

Its a witch! BURRRRRN HER

She turned me into a newt! ...I got better

Is anyone else seeing faces in the fire?

... looks very dramatic. Really liking the use of colour and the smaller details that you see once your eyes have become accustomed to the central image. Also very Assassiny to me at the moment as I've been playing that constantly.

I want art like this for Achaean cities before I get jealous 

I could draw you a quick picture of what Shallam looks like...oh she didn't go there!