The Matrix

Text Game Matrix Image

The Matrix was created by Chris Bourassa for the text game Lusternia, Age of Ascension.


This reminds me of a scene in one of the later books of Midkemia. I love it!

Yeah this is definitely how I imagined the cho'ja world.

It's very cool.

Maybe I should read more of those books!

We should have one!

what books

stupid laser gun city

cool pic

indeed it is...

nice pic :)




Cool picture! I like the geometry of it all.

Perfect C and it all comes crashing down.

Perfect C and it all comes crashing down.

That is both terrible and somewhat amusing.







It would be hard to explain such a beautiful picture in words.

Go to Hallifax in Lusternia

I've never been to Hallifax, but this is sort of how I imagined it might look.

This made me move to Hallifax. So shiney!

And now you know that its the coolest city in Lusternia.

Really captures the feel of the place as I imagine it




just try, come on...

way cool

The way some people can draw just blows my mind on a daily basis. I wish I was an artist, so I could make others feel this way. It looks like something out of a peaceful dream and kinda makes me wish I lived there.

hear hear


Mhm! +10

impressive how the artist managed to get a mandelbrot set incorporated into the picture...also stunning architecture..I may have to look at something other than achaea as


The mandelbrot set is 2D, though. Wonder what it looks like from the side

I always imagined The Matrix to be some, mechanical giant floating fortress made from crystal. But this picture almost made me want to defect to Hallifax overnight. The coniferous trees have added a great touch showing the height as well as making it look serene.

When I heard the name maxtrix, I was thinking about the movie. Not a giant crystal like structure, and I also figured it to have numbers and what not going across the surface xP

If IRE games are like the Matrix, does that make the Divine the Agents?

I could see a few of the Divine being the Agents. So yea it would make sense, and everyone that plays has decided to see how far downt he rabit hole they'll go.

Neo says, "I know Taekate.."

Or even better...

Neo says, "I know Kata."

So with these games, I'd have no idea what would be going on w/o reading?

Yep. Text games require reading.


Careful what you say.. They are listening..! heh heh

Wow, this is awesome.



It realy is!

It gives me a good visual representation - I was trouble having to picture it when playing.

Good stuff