The Matrix

Text Game Matrix Image

The Matrix was created by Chris Bourassa for the text game Lusternia, Age of Ascension.


I wanna live there :o

You know that feeling you get when you see someone when they stand close to an edge of a cliff or a steep drop? Yea, thats the feeling I get when I look at those people in the picture and Hallifax's spires. Just the urge to shove them off and go about my day as usual.

I never took the time to really explore Lusternia, just such a "funky" place compared to the more original lands ^^

Elagance in form. Love this piece.

Very very nice.

they say a picture is worth a thousand words. This one makes that seem an understatement

This is wondrous

It is!


making you drool? :O ^^

Just a great artist



great art

Not sure why it's call "Matrix"...any reference to the movie?


The centre of the city of Hallifax in Lusternia is 'The Matrix', why it has that name I'm not entirely sure, presumably a crystalline matrix of some sort.  I'm not aware of any connections or references to the movie in either the city of the Matrix itself.



not that I can think off

Looks cool.

There is so much about Hallifax that is awesome, I just refuse to be in a city where I need pathfind to get anywhere.

There's an easy trick, once you get the hang of it.





very beautiful


Thumbs up, even tho I dont even play this game :3 Seems neat

This makes me want to explore Halli more in depth as its so beautiful. I wonder how the descriptions compare and if my imagination is up to the task! 

I always kinda thought the Matrix would be floating higher, like, the entire sphere above floor level. But, I also didn't think it would be so large. Also, need moar random calculus.

Woo, go Hallifax. Such a pretty place.


I always though Hallifax looked something like that for a long time! I'm just glad to see somebody could put it into art!

This looks breath taking! I will have to check it out in Lusternia!

Awww, I thought it would be about Ishap, the Matrix :(


looks like superman's house, pretty cool

No, misa superman not home.

haha, agreed!

That's what I thought. It's Krypton!

Very nice. Congratulations to Chris

Well done, Chris! This is outstanding work.  It really is epic.


Very well done.

I love Lusternia's nexus artwork.


wow that is amazing

Beautiful depiction of Hallifax and its Matrix.


I always thought it was all dull greys and whites, not all blue and crystal and sparkling. Needs more paperwork, though. 

Hallifax is a big rainbow made of gemstone! Also, our nexus world is a flower. Drab greys and whites??


 I'm not sure of the place this actually is but this piece is excellent in my opinion. Great detail! Where's our Achaea artwork that looks like this ?

This is what I'd imagine Krypton to be like if it didn't blow up.

just stunning, all his work is. Two big thumbs up

Imagine the smash when Hallifax finally drops out of the sky. /forumrp

Does make you want to have a look but given a short attention apan, can not commit to another game

Love it