The Matrix

Text Game Matrix Image

The Matrix was created by Chris Bourassa for the text game Lusternia, Age of Ascension.


Very cool!

Achaea needs art like this so I will feel less jealous

Looks awesome

Stunning, an epic work of art.


I've not played MKO but I bet that would be a good place to visit

I want a house there.


See through walls!


this one is surreal


It's very nice.

Love the artwork! It's amazing and it really captures some of things I adore about Hallifax.

Suggestions anyone?

it was all connected and floating.. 

I wonder what keeps the crystals floating.  Hallifax scientists - go!

Where is Neo

Oh Hallifax, I will never understand how to navigate you.

Pretty nice artwork, I love his landscapes better than characters.



Really cool!

Love this :)

I need drawing lessons :(

There is no spoon.

Simply gorgeous

Very nice.

love it



well drawn

of different blue is making it awesoooooome!

Very cool. So many places I'd like to see how he envisions, like Mhaldor or Arcadia.

This matrix was real?

The Matrix: The greatest nexus for the greatest city.

I thought Lusternia didn't have energy pistols, but that's like, the first thing that comes to mind when I look at this, for some reason. Also sci fi, but drama-themed (like political or something) rather than war or exploration.

are you kidding? Lusternia has spaceships where you fight space monsters!

Bound Credit!

I can't wait to see more of it.



The Matrix is truly beautiful.

Is this the best nexus in Lusternia? I think it is.




Awesome picture - I should try Lusternia some time...


I like it, but it reminds me of Asgard.

confusing place I met.

Hallifax... beautiful picture.

really neat artwork. Good sense of depth.