The Matrix

Text Game Matrix Image

The Matrix was created by Chris Bourassa for the text game Lusternia, Age of Ascension.


This is where real newbies try the game, get frustrated and quit.

A lot like how I imagine it.


The goal of the area makes more sense now. But they proabably should have had fewer towers and had each tower a specific area type (shops/crafting, learning, etc).

not enough 1's and 0's

No Keanu Reeves!

credit post

great pic

cool image

Nice :D



.....Like it :D


man. every time I see this topic, green numbers start scrolling down in front of my eyes.


Very nice. I hate Lucidians, though.

Home sweet home.



When I saw this topic I was expecting something about the film. I was pleasantly surprised! This picture makes me want to give Lusternia a try. On the other hand, furrikins.

There's not as many furrikins as you'd think. I can't off the top of my head think of any. I am sure there are some, but if you're outside of the forests communities you're not likely to see many.

Awesome picture, and movie!

Not quite sure that Hallifax is

love the fractal inside the nexus.  Great attention to detail!

But it looks amazing!

pretty cool.



I was expecting more numbers.


A city made out of rock candy, huh? I like it.

That's my town!

looks awesome!




It looks like a place that has an altered concept of reality. Maybe you already have a house there but you just don't know it yet. Perhaps you are the house that is there and other people are living inside of you. Perhaps, eruhaweeea my brain hurts.

man, I want some awesome are art for achaea like this

a great piece of art

I wish we could have art of places in achaea. Some could be really cool (arcadia and the like)

Lusty gets all the cool places

too bad the city is confusing as heck in the actual game -_-"'s irritating getting ANYWHERE in the hallifax.

Wonder what achaea spot most matches this?

Beautiful art piece!


this as a poster!


wicked picture.  Now if only someone artistic could come up with a decent map to that city...

and clean. bah.

the text spam reminds me more of Matrix :P

very cool


*turns off the anti-gravity and waddles off*