Troll Warrior

RPG Troll Warrior

This is a Troll from the text adventure RPG, Midkemia Online. This image was created by Chris Bourassa.


you can only imagine how this guy must stink eeewww

and that's why I am human. I do not care about stats!


Scale armour, so what class is that?

He's using a sword, but only one. So can't be a knight.

Doubt he's supposed to represent a class


He's just a regular old killer. One sword's all he needs.

I figured they'd smell like cupcakes.

That would seem more logical.

He's gotta be wearing hides to go with those skulls he's taken...Trolls in Achaea are immune to stink though ;)

troll mohawks...awesome

Mowhawk would look interesting if juxtaposed on e.g. an elf...

mohawks are the only way to go \m/

It really seems that it's the go-to hairdo for trolls. I'm beginning to think they can't grow hair on the rest of their heads..

cool belt

Think of the colors Chris!

I especially like the belt. It says,"How would you like to be the next skull?"

Totally wicked

Amazing :D I really do enjoy the art now that I can actually find its posting :P The belt is amazing, I think he knocked out a few teeth in the fight for those skulls...


that is amazing!!

Looks more like an orc than a troll to me. But this just might be Midkemia's version. Which I know nothing about.

Midkemian trolls have a few differences to the generic, Tolkienesque troll, which is why it may look not-quite-trollish to some.

I thought that - doesn't look big enough

but the rest looks great.

How I would play you if I had not invested on Nicholo so much already. Oh, and if you had moar players and RP.

Nicholo does RP? I thought he just killed things

such a handsome troll :P

ask him out? ^^

In game. But he's spurned me! :o

I can just see the thoughts running through that head... "ughhh! ....huh?Shiney!"

he even tattoo'd the rocks to match his arms :)

First time I've ever seeon a troll with a red nose, might have a cold eh?



Or he really likes some good ale, heh.

It would be a very good idea to let him drink ale..

it would be a good idea to stop him

There's more menace and less "drool-and-gore-with-little-wit" about this depiction, which I love.  This seems to be closer to the mercenaries of Arn as opposed to the modern era of trolls (and the ubiquitous mingling of other races' features).





Ugly looking critter. Just right for a troll. :D

Makes me proud to be a Troll Warrior!

Nice overall, but I love that blade.


The details and touch of it is very nice.

The think I like with text games is that I am not obliged to see this or that the same way everyone does, because of the graphics. But... I finally don't picture anything at all.

Almost-Blank face.

This Troll from Midkemia looks awesome! Great Illustration!

Huge fists. As big as his head! Nice picture!


Lol, do I even want to know? :P

I imagined Midkemia's trolls more beastial than this. The few descriptions we get of them describe them more hunched over, often on all-fours rather than standing upright like this. 

That is a great picture of a troll. Good job.

Erm..I mean fearsome! Trolls aren't lovely....but the artwork is!