Troll Warrior

RPG Troll Warrior

This is a Troll from the text adventure RPG, Midkemia Online. This image was created by Chris Bourassa.


Did he eat Harry Potter and steal his scarf?

Hipster troll pillages ironically and only wears free trade leathers.

Looks awesome.

Nice piece of art! I also like this one due to it's true to race appearance. Trolls aren't meant to be pretty, they are brute strength and ignorance for the most part. Looks great!

And the spikey shoulder pads. Pretty BA.

Overall awesome ^^

His sword looks like its stone or something?

Even if it's blunt it could do a lot of damage as a club.

But I thought you meant another kind of troll warrior. :P

This is so awesome


trolls bigger than this.

at least is isn't one of the silly Harry Potter trolls....

This troll is brutal.


and a club would help

Never saw this till now, good representation of a troll

Then again, I also picture massive, ugly things with humongous jaws and faces, with their knuckles dragging on the ground, too.

It's pretty much what I see, too.

he is rocking that mohawk.


really digging the look!


Troll's arn't really covered much in Feist's books but we're really working on the RP right now, come by and check it out!

Liking the scarf. Nice touch!

I could draw like that.

Not sure what kind of weapon that is.

Half-club half-axe?

And yet I still see Trolls in Achaea and Aetolia with "attractive" descriptions.

He seems to have a tiny head (as big as his fist) - probably for their tiny brains!  Picture does not seem to show why theyn can't ride horses though!

Lookie, it's Drafox!

he is about to pick his nose with his teeth

nice one, but looks like the arms and hands are a bit disproportional.. 

are very big in proportions to the arms

Creepy, but not a bad depiction of a troll!

Very good work!

This troll likely has advanced forum battle skills.

Awesome!  Love the belt of skulls - nice touch.

though it requires intelligence to produce such an item! I thought he would just smash peoples heads.

... my favorite pictures, even if it's for Midkemia.

They see me trollin', they hatin' ... (come on, someone had to)

wow, i wonder how a tsurani would look like.

this could really go to any game

Love the whole aesthetic of all the Midkemia art. This guy looks like a badass!

Troll was the first race I ever played. Love the healing.

i like the proportions in this sketch. badass weapon too

More or less how I picture a troll, though perhaps he looks a bit to intelligent for the old fashion brute.

His fist is bigger than his head. Imagine getting clobbered by that thing... ouch.

not my idea of a troll...  but looks good heh