Tsol'aa Sentinel

MMO Sentinel with Pet Wolf

Here is the first of some fantastic new art we are getting for the IRE text game, Achaea. This is a Tsol'aa Sentinel done by Chris Bourassa.


Epic as all hell :P

I expect the ground to break away roadrunner style...



one word: awesome

I agree with Diath, awesome!

Where's her chainmail?

weeee bit of armor bikini and loincloth? That IS the chain mail =3

armour is meant to cover, not reveal.

Armour is meant to actually block things. Though I guess it might protect her by serving as a distraction.

That's one way to go about it, haha.


"You jab a spear into a goblin fiercely"
Okay, offense seems to be working.
"The goblin moves to attack you, but at the last moment you manage to distract it with your cleavage"
And there's the defense!

Though in reality, you'd probably end up with several key organs perforated and only your heart, lungs, and possibly some of your ribs still intact.

I second Osek. She's wiiide open. >.< I suppose that's deliberate, but there just aren't very many realistically armoured females drawn these days. Chalk up another point for fanservice.

Pauldrons, shinguards, thigh-high leather boots, bound leather gloves, a metal (?) bra, a leather loincloth and.. a freaky wolf. What more do you want?!

People are so hard to satisfy, eh?

Agreed, I've seen some artisanal works that have well armoured women and still manage to look very good. Modesty is attractive, too. Eschilde's self-portrait for example, I think is very nice. http://www.achaea.com/artisanal/self-portrait-9


Love the face, shame about the boobs and thighs.

I don't see how this is Tsol'aa at all. 

Although the work is pretty well done, the armour puts me in mind of some of the Night Elf Hunter armour from World of Warcraft.

Always loved Tsol'aa race. This is fantastic.


This could be more epic if she holds a trident. Sentinels and druids have the option to use spear or trident in Achaea.


Druids don't use spears or tridents, I'm sure you are thinking of staves.




gotta love the tsol'aa!!

Very Nice artwork




More please



Awesome work again. 


I find it amusing that people get locked up on none important issues with the art such as body-posture or appearance. It's an -artistic painting-, you can't read 2 pages in any magazine without viewing hundreds of models that's gone through 10 hours of photoshop looking like they have anorexia/got their body fixed on the closest beauty-hospital and they are supposed to be "real" persons.

That said, leave the artist to design his/her work.


Nuff said

she must be cold. and yeah, no chainmail.

I mean, people don't always wear chainmail but this _is_ a battle pose.

Perhaps she is quicker with lesser armor.

and is mesmerizing people not to strike her ;)

Holy crap!! damn she's essentially naked, but that's awesome, and the only two types of people that woud be mesmerized not to strike her would be... well, three groups of people actually, and they would be depraved straight guys, lesbians, and fashion concienous gays!!! but damn nice artwork, and so tastefuly done too!!

the picture. Would love to have that bra, maybe in a different colour though.


Seems more like a human than a tsol'aa, like some kind of highlander. I would've liked to see more of the sentinel animals, too.

looks human to me

I love the artwork but she would do well to avoid pointy objects of all kinds. Her poor wittle belly and breasts shall be under attack far too easily!

good artwork, but I think she should have some chainmail being in a warrior stance.

Why is it that female characters have an aversion to actual armor? I'll never get that.


now, I'm not dumb, so I do, but still..

Totally spectacular

I am not too sure if everyone would think she is beautiful if she were let's say a horkval sentinel.

Ahhh, she is just right for a vivisection. <3

So how is it a Tsol'aa and not a human?


I'd hit her. Because she is a Sentinel I mean...yeah...

Nice wolf.

The wolf looks quite awesome, but don't sentinels travel with a whole ton of animals? I also agree about the tsol'aa-ness, which is so subtly hidden it's invisible for the human eye.


Targeted for extra bleeding.

Not how I'd picture Tsol'aa, but pretty cool depiction.

Should go Tsol'aa again