Tsol'aa Sentinel

MMO Sentinel with Pet Wolf

Here is the first of some fantastic new art we are getting for the IRE text game, Achaea. This is a Tsol'aa Sentinel done by Chris Bourassa.


Just beautiful, love the way she works, and the leather armor as well. Wolf looks fearsome, and the wind blowing her air up is just a nice touch. And that solves the issue of the race I kep wondering who was posing every time I see it.

does look a little humanly though

love the straps on the arms

go the fur trimmed armor

raven, badger, fox.... where are they?

Good piece of artwork, however I would have pictured a Tsol'aa a bit taller ? Also her breasts are a bit showy for the class itself and she's missing chainmail for sure! I don't quite think of sentinels as sexy beast loving people, but I guess it can work.

Little chunky for a Tsol'aa - but a fine figure for (almost) any other race. Great pose!


Tsol'aa - no

Wolf - super-awesome-great and redeems the rest in my opinion

Nice artwork. more please!

Dosn't meet Artisanal reqs. :p

Not how I picture a Tsol'aa, but it's all artistic interpretation

new way of looking at a Tsol'aa, now a Sentinel can morph so I like this version showing more freedom with some of her possible learned abilities and the wolf is cool!


Very nicely drawn. You don't always have to wear armor. Perhaps she's in the middle of a ritual or just exploring the countryside.

Aetolian elves? Where are the ears! But still great, I must add.

Want polearms. :D

That is a scary, big wolf. I like the picture, and the colours chosen for the clothing.

Another worderful piece of art! Very good detail!

I'm guessing that's a very advanced armor?

It's not that cool of a picture. I think the jester is waaay cooler.

That's an evil looking wolf. Brilliant contrast to the clean Sentinel

Nicely done.


not how i imagine tsol'aa to look like but cool pic anyways.

It's a good art, but not of the best from Cris. I guess this is one of the early drawings.

She's pretty, but that dress ingame probably would get her passed off as a mudsexer ;(

It seems to me that her breasts are large and as soon as she started to run she would bounce right out. I'm not sure if that's how it would work but...can a woman give me some perspective on this? 

Very good - exactly as envisaged

cue william tell overture music in the background...

Always wanted to check out a Sent

I can't tell what seperates it from a human.


That's a good drawing!!!!


that is not armour

Why is she wearing leather instead of chainmail?

I want that wolf..

If it didn't have the title, I would never have said this is a Tsol'aa. I always pictured them as they're shown on the Achaea site (http://www.achaea.com/sites/achaea.com/files/images/2011/07/painted_tsolaa_female.jpg), more willowy, and less robust, which fits with their lower base constitution.


the less armor the better the stats, right?