Vampires of Aetolia

MMO Vampiress

Here is some more pure genius from Chris Bourassa. Here is a Bloodborn Vampire from the Iron Realms MUD game, Aetolia. Like it? You can play a character just like this in the text game right now.



Love the clothing on this chick, however her face and hair are a bit strange to me. I wouldn't imagine a vampire having glowing red eyes. She's just evil looking though which fits the vampire well enough. She's a sloppy drinker though with all that blood dripping off her lips! Good piece of artwork!

Just how I imagine the vamp mistresses to look. She's ready to suck you dry and slice you into liver lungs kidneys etc. for her inventory.  

This is truly great vampire art. Specially love the touch of her clawed hand and the scythe. Makes me wish I was a bloodborn, but only a bit.

Very nice! Is there Teradrim artwork too?

Scythes are the most awesome yet impractical weapons, I like the color of the spirits around it, contrast really nicely without being to overt as it blends witht he softer red in the background.

Great work on the Vampire from Aetolia! I love how she looks and how she's standing over a pile of skulls with her scythe.

This is great

This looks awesome. I am half tempted to create a vampire in Aetolia now.

Now that is an awesome vampire. And she doesn't sparkle. :D


What a horrid first date she would make. I thought the decaying ruffles were a nice touch too but i didn't notice them untill someone mentioned them. I probably didn't notice them because the ruffles are so close to her boobs. Those boobs are like a shimmering orb, they draw all attention.


I really like this, very well done.


No problem, I think I can deal with her. Very nice painting!

I'd like to play a vampire too, it's just that it's quite different in midkemia :(

How I wish that Achaea had Vampires... I think vampire and pirate classes would make Achaea the bestest :P

This is totally Darliea.

Nice picture.  She too is forced to shop at those player run shops that seem to think women only wear lingerie


Only because we couldn't be bothered making anything that's going to stay in a backpack until it decays.

Makes me want a vamp toon ;)

This is awsome now if I only had the time to try one out. Though I doubt I would be as stunning as the vamp in the picture.'s awesome how much the face adds to this. From the neck down it reminds me of just other bodies, but the head overall has a whole level of intensity to it.

I want this outfit!


Where do I sign up

I like the darkness of it

the picture is, as always, awesome, but I dont' like vampires much

'done to death' - boom boom!

horray to vampires that don't sparkle.  Lots of great detail in this piece - good work, Chris!

Man, that picture is sick, but to be honest Achaea's too cool to leave for another game


Vampires: the reason I don't play Aetolia.

Makes me wish I could become a vampire in Achaea.

Why's the scythe upside down?

Also, what happened to vampires that aren't pretty?

That and the level of RP make Aetolia sound really appealing to me. Alas, I love Lusternia, and being truly involved in one IRE game is already time-consuming enough for me haha. And my Achaean character is already going to rust. :(


One of the best pictures of a vampire i've seen.


I'm gonna kill one of these someday.


Don't they need to sparkle?


where's the sparkle?

I love this type of vampire. All the little details make it really shine. I said shine, not sparkle! No sparkles, as it should be! Aetolia is fun and interesting though. Do people still play as the lycanthropes? Where are the pics of them?

That -I do not dare to call it "she"- is intimidating and scary..!

I really love this, i truly makes me want to create an Aetolian character, but so much to do here!

That girl looks pretty hungry.

Love it!

face and background look cool.

One sexy undead lady

that is one scarey woman... 

a fantastic piece

I'm kind of tired of all female characters being drawn with porportions similar to this