Vampires of Aetolia

MMO Vampiress

Here is some more pure genius from Chris Bourassa. Here is a Bloodborn Vampire from the Iron Realms MUD game, Aetolia. Like it? You can play a character just like this in the text game right now.


Pure evil, it looks like. Makes me almost glad that I've stuck to Achaea. That there would creep me out!

I would not want to cross this MMORPG vampire lady

See, this is why you need friends. Someone has to tell you that you forgot to do your hair today!

I'm sure a first date with her would go...swimmingly.

Don't knock it till you try it :P Who knows she might be someone's true love.

Death would go near her.

Already has.

thats why she has a scythe

Looks like someone I know in the game, hah!



Looks a bit like Belladonna, or one of the vampires from the graveyard area in Achaea... (at least how I imagine them to be)

The skull in the force around the staff is crazy.


la sigh

Even without the fangs, i think her jugs could knock most folks down!


As crude as that was...I didn't notice them until you pointed it out. God, her entire body is outdone by the boobs.

She has fangs?  Oh yeah


Shame my own vampire spends his time alone in his coffin...

Go find Bella then

(Thats a dreadful joke)

But wonderful artwork, almost enough to make me wanna give Aetolia and the vampire a tryout. Almost, I think I tried it before... I didn't last :P

looks like the ex when i didnt put the seat down

Hahaha, I love toilet humor!

You clearly don't know the dangers of not putting the seat down.

wow, she is angry. wonder who dressed her.

looks like someone got her angry.

The breasts are perhaps a bit much, but the decaying lace trimming at the top of the corset is a really cool touch.



Should check out the other art he has on deviant art. A lot of stuff inspired from IRE games, a page of pin up girls, some Warhammer 40k stuff and of course all of it awesome.


Sort of love this.


Pretty bad ass.


Love it when vampires look like actual monsters/demons. Her left hand/claw is what makes it for me, oddly enough.

Agree, vampires aren't cuddly!



Really? Is that where she stores the blood, or is giant bazooms just one of the gifts of undeath?

doesn't look like much fun to meet in a dark cave

I wonder what race she is? Being a vampire is a class kind of thing

She looks human to me, honestly.




Makes me want to play that instead of Achaea



Really kickass

This looks wicked


It combines Chris's two favorite things to draw, boobs and skulls. Its cool though, even if those jugs are a little too big!

once again, her body takes center stage. other than that, awesome pic.

i'll steal your thunder

I always love the art they come u with

Really badass vampire.


There's nothing like casual Friday in Aetolia.