Xoran Druid of Achaea

Lizardman from the RPG MMO, Achaea

From the RPG MMO game, Achaea, this image depicts a Xoran Druid. Xorans a race of humanoid lizards (lizardmen) which originally came to the lands of Achaea from another world.

Here is a link to a little more info about the Xoran race on the Achaea website: http://www.achaea.com/info/races/xoran

This image was created by Chris Bourassa.


Why does it look like a bird? Does the IRE artist actually have any idea what he's drawing, or does he draw something and IRE just randomly sticks a title on it? Because, wow.

Looks like a lizard dude to me. Have you seen Jurassic Park? Dino and birds are related man!



I love the fully non-functional teeth. I really really do.

What makes you think it's non-functional?


The face appears a bit more like bone than the lizardy flesh. Other than that it does look a lot like a dinosaur skull from Jurrasic Park!

My first thought was also bird. Looked closer and saw that it was a lizard!

Gotta Agree, looks like a Lizard to me!

Viridian too.


Pretty damn good.

wait, is this a druid or a Sylvan? This says druid, but the forums say sylvan


it's important for staff design

they all hug trees the same

Don't forget Sentinels!

An astute remark!

Awesome, as usual.

I love it! :) It's so awesome.

It looks like he's holding it the wrong way.

I like it, but the mouth/beak looks a little wierd

Because of the shading, the mouth, at a glance, looks a bit like a beak. Look more closely and you'll see it's actually more of a snout with nostrils and that the mouth has pretty pronounced fangs.

Also, good art.

It does look a little like a beak, I would not have thought that without reading this though.

Looks cool!

interesting, I think they have designed it to be more in Dragon in apparance, it is Xoran after all a lizard folk.

Your artwork is unbelievable. You should create some more Achaea-related pictures.

agree on that. would be nice to see more achaea art.

more -new- achaea art. Some of this stuff has been around for at least even RL years.

At least the druid doesn't have giant tits like the last picture.

Lizards aren't mammals, and don't have mammary glands.


I would assume this translates to xorans, but I haven't looked at too many descriptions of xorans..

It's not exactly rare to give reptilian humanoids breasts anyway, though. It's a fantasy art thing.



There is the link to Chris Bourassa's gallery. These pics and some others are in there. His Dark Angel Asartes is pretty sweet.

This is a xorani?

Looks pretty weird for a xorani druid


I admit the face is a little bit more jagged than I would have pictured but I think it captures the image of a Xoran far better than the previous pictures.

Good job. Wonderful picture. :)

certainly cooler looking!

Looks good.

I concur. Concurrance has been an occurance.

on the topic of Xorans leads me to believe my opinion on this matters.  I really like this for a male Xoran.

Excellent picture. 

nice stick, but it doesn't quite resemble the description of a druid's staff if I remember it right,.

and on the forest, it is a sylvan, and it still doesnt match

I was expecting more flailing of the staff

I assume!

I assume!

great pic. I don't know if its a druids staff or not, but I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end regardless.

Iron realms has some pretty awesome artists working for them. I always love the art I come across here.

Looks like a lizard guy.

It reminds me a bit of the Edeinos of the Living Land in Torg...


That's awesome

I think this is definitely a good piece of art. I could not have drawn this. But I can see where a lot of people get that this looks more like a bird than an Xoran. If I had found it on another website I would not have thought Xoran.