Xoran Druid of Achaea

Lizardman from the RPG MMO, Achaea

From the RPG MMO game, Achaea, this image depicts a Xoran Druid. Xorans a race of humanoid lizards (lizardmen) which originally came to the lands of Achaea from another world.

Here is a link to a little more info about the Xoran race on the Achaea website: http://www.achaea.com/info/races/xoran

This image was created by Chris Bourassa.


Wow, for real! You have a talent much better than I

I bet he's more talented then lots of people. can't be good at everything! 

i would love to see a tsol'a magi!!


I had a much different idea in mind when I thought of a Xoran, but these guys are much more... awesome! I might have to make a Xoran now!

These pictures are brilliant. Descriptions are good but the occasional picture really is worth a lot of words.

I was going to say that it was good that I know what a Xorani looks like but from the comments, maybe it's a bad depiction. It looks too much like a bird and not enough like a lizard.

Same here

Too much bird for anything I'd ever thought of.

It's a lizard alright!

I'd love to draw like this.

 :( It's extra ordinary talent, and one can only be glad to be able to view it!

Me too. I really should start drawing again.



Kinda reminds me of a Chameleon in a way his hands and such... I always pictured Xorans more firey, but he makes a damn good druid... excellent art!

My Xoran/Kohdon/ect always tend more towards the draconic, but that is a very well drawn picture.









What's with the empticons?


I've run into a few dracnari druids in Lusternia. Always thought it was odd, but now I've seen this, they seem a lot cooler.

Bird or not, look shouldn't matter in text game, it's a total waste of resources in my opinion.


@Qistrel: Empticons are good enough for a free credit.


If i saw a bird that looked like that I would need to change my pants shortly afterward.




Great picture.

I love the feeling of this one. Its creepy, but in a very cool way. I'd love to see some stuff like this for Lusternia *hinthint*

They use metamorphosis, so its possible this is morphed to be a condor too!

Funky lookin'

So do Xorani have feathers, then? This picture's amazing and makes me want to try Achaea.

upon closer look, those are scales. It's just a trick of the shadow.

leg vines not so awesome but it does fit the profession

I don't know. I've always see it as more of some kind of strange bird than a lizard

I gotta say, I really like these pictures. This one's wonderful.




Its a good compilation of a lizard and a bird but totally not what I expected a Xoran to look like.

Just looks too feathery to me. Like an anthro chocobo with a lizardlike face.

Xorani are supposed to be humaniod lizards, Dracnari are supposed to be Humaniod Dragons.. That does look lizard, but also like a bird in the mouth, but I agree, it's awesome art work!!!

I never imagine the xorans of Achaea like this but it looks great! Love the sharpened staff!

Last time I checked out xorans, they were lizard people not birds.

Dude looks like a lizard.

Not what I originally imagined a Xoran to be like, but I have to admit, it's grown on me quite a bit.  Great work

Kind of how I picture a xoran maybe with a slightly less beaky look.

Very different then how I picture a Xoran but then I met all different kinds of them in Achaea already.

A druid wielding a quarterstaff having summoned vines to prevent enemies to run away.

The only thing I'm really missing is the Xoran tail. My eagle Tumblewing loves to pull at a Xoran's tail!

 I didn't quite picture Xoran to look like this, but then again it's not my creation that is being put into artwork, it's Iron Realms. I actually sort of pictured a Xoran with a bit more smooth scales on the surface, an elongated snout, not so many teeth, and a tail for sure! Maybe a few singe marks from breathing fire on occasion. This is not one of my favorites, but still good artwork.


I think Chris did a good job, given he doesn't play the games. He even had the quarterstaff sharpened!

I noticed the staff as well. It's little details that Achaeans can pick out that others wouldn't think of. It's clear that the Xoran is stepping into the light, thus the change in color on the snout. I agree that my first thought was also 'beak' but after looking at this for more than two seconds it's easy to clarify and see it differently. Really like the canopy in the background!

really remind me of a lizard


So that's how a quarterstaff looks like...