Xoran Druid of Achaea

Lizardman from the RPG MMO, Achaea

From the RPG MMO game, Achaea, this image depicts a Xoran Druid. Xorans a race of humanoid lizards (lizardmen) which originally came to the lands of Achaea from another world.

Here is a link to a little more info about the Xoran race on the Achaea website: http://www.achaea.com/info/races/xoran

This image was created by Chris Bourassa.


This looks great.

Not exactly how I imagined Xorani to look.

never thought of an xoran looking like that

Oh, really nice!

Chris does it again.

I am Bill Nighy, and I am impressed. Very.

It's very very excellent work. It would be awesome if Chris would be picked up by blizzard ^^

Very eager to see more of Chris's artwork!

I like this.

This is a pretty cool piece. Definitely lizard-like to my eye. It reminds me of the iguana I used to have as a kid. The scales are large and plate-like and I think I do see a tail down there sweeping through the misty undergrowth. I love the detail in the piece and how you can almost feel the ancient misty forest around the character. Keep 'em coming!


But still it's awesome!!!

Heh. Definitely not my interpretation of Xorani, but it's an interesting one.

a half bird, half lizard thing?

Good art.

It's the barkskin and hiding ability that causes the bird-like looks, for his face it could be because he uses a bonding / meta!! Or something simular.. ^^

Not bad

Huh. So Dracnari...but raptor-dinosaur-y too.

Looks more bird than lizard. Dinosaur-version maybe?


Not how I picture Xorans, but it's a cool picture!

It's an interesting take.  I'm not sure if it's my favorite, but cool.

I love this one, yay for Druids actually looking like fierce hunters instead of snuggle bunnies like most people assume.

dark, atmospheric, fierce.

Doesn't really look like a Xoran. No scales.

Xorani looked more the Argonians from Skyrim.


plants growing on his knee?

looks pretty cool to me

Looks quite menacing

because of the colouring. Then I realized he was coming out of the shadows. Now I can see lizard.

This one could be less "birdish" but still good nonetheless


with their fire breath I hope the feathers are flame retardant


 l liike it. Way cool art. Now do Serpent, plz!


Definitely looks more birdlike with green feathers. However, with the vines wrapping around the legs I'd have to say they are probably leaves instead and this is indeed a sylvan in Viridian form rather than a Druid. Artwise, it's a nice pic, but not really how I imagined Xorani.


this dude still scares me

He is not that scary, to me he is more like a wise old xoran.