Zork III Map

Large Zork III Map

This is a large map image from the game Zork III: The Dungeon Master.


I like the artwork on these maps

A lot of this was styled after maps on novels.


I have seen maps styled like this in novels as well. The format lends well to that media.

Man, I remember Zork. Zork was great.


Zork... wow that goes back!  Cool map.

What is this Zork you speak of?

What is this Zork you speak of?

From back in the day. These were my intoduction into text based game several years before MUDs were widespread.

I miss the old maps, art, and modules.


Back in the day where every game included these cool items, not just the "special editions" and "collector's additions."

what is achaea?

cool looking artwork!





I miss Zork. :( Must go play Zork, now!

Cool I guess

I actually really, really like the concept

I should really give Zork a try looks like it'd be fun.

Must not succumb to distractions!

Ah, I tried Zork, but it was too complicated for me at that time.