Zork I: The Great Underground Adventure Map

Zork I Map

This is a map from the text adventure game Zork, created by Infocom. 


I remember this map, invisiclues, New Zork Times, etc...


Very good stuff!

Is Zork still operational?

This might answer your question: http://www.ironrealms.com/zork

But the original Zork was a single-player game, and can be pretty easily and freely obtained with a google search.

Neat! Thanks for pointing that out.

Oh. I got eaten by a grue.

zork, maybe something I should look up.

Never heard of it.

I'm into text MUDs solely because of my experiences with Infocom as a kid.

I haven't heard about that in a long time. There are a few different ones if I'm not mistaken. Fun too.

Visual aides like this are stimulating.

Wow. I hadn't thought about Zork in ages.


Single player adventure game yay

I feel like a youngling, not having heard of this before.

That's an impressive map. Very nice!

I like having this here

Free Bound Credit

never tried it the first time around.  Good to see it has found a home on IRE!

I've always liked a nicely drawn map.

This brings back memories.

Very nice map. Good job