IRE Asks: Are You a Multigamer?

dual monitors

Everyone has heard of multiplaying, which is considered illegal in Iron Realms games. But what about multigaming? Defined as the fine art of playing two or more games simultaneously, it can be especially common among text gamers. It's nothing to be ashamed of - as long as you're not autobashing! We love our text games dearly, and you might miss sudden the sudden excitement of a world event (as Iron Realms is known for) if you log out. So playing a few rounds of Capture-the-Flag or even doing a raid in your favourite MMORPG is a good way to pass the time. Heck, some people even watch Netflix, play an MMORPG and do telecom work from home, all while logged into an Iron Realms MUD.

CoD4 Dual Monitor

So are you a multigamer? Whether it's simply alt-tabbing between Facebook games and your MUD client, or an elaborate dual-monitor setup with all the windows neatly resized, tell us how you multigame. Comment below!


There is absolutely no way I would be able to handle all of that at once.

Yeah, it can be stressfull doing that if you are actively doing anything in more then one of them. If I'm just sitting around waiting for things to happen, then I can, but otherwise it's not happening. I can't even talk on the phone and bash at the same time, it's sad.

You're not the only one.

ditto to that. Though I do have netflix on the side.


Just too old for that now


very much so

It's not so hard if you don't have a lot going on IG. I'll multi-task at times if I have nothing better to do while waiting for endurance regain and such.

Oh yes, or willpower recovery after inscribing a bunch of tarot! D:

will/endurance is slow to regain.. inscribing, too much hunting, token of Charybdis and a few more things that use up w/e make people daydream and multitask instead of waiting..



or even if you're just plain bored.



Sometimes but rarely.

Although, if I'm not doing anything to strenous in game, I always hop out and do something on the side...


Yeah. And what a waste of time that would be.

Information overload - especially since the only other game I play (StarCraft II) requires your full attention if you don't want to lose.

Much easier if you have a second monitor.  Can glance over, make sure you're not being stolen from, then continue to run and gun.



I've played more than one mudd at the exact some time. And i've also played wow and achaea simultaneously. It's only difficult if you're dungeon queuing or something. Then it would be impossible, but when you're just going between flight points it's pretty easy.


I've done this before too. It's a good way to pass the time between flight points when I don't feel like doing the flying myself.

what're flight points?

I would think that it would be impossabe to do well on them all, all at once

If I am using the DIR system to walk most of the way across Midkemia I will ocasionally pull up a turn based game called Heroes of Ardania. If I made a new alt I will use the DIR system to run them across Midkemia multiple times for experience, while playing heroes of ardania or some such in another tab. Other than using the DIR system, or learning from an instructor, I don't multigame as it would not be practicle.

I just thumb through the tabs on the client I use, and my webpage. Its bad if you ask me, but I still do it.

... on my second monitor while Forging is about as much as I can handle.

Isn't that in the same vein as autoratting?





I'll sometimes Fish while watching tv, two birds and one stone and all that

Have done this before.

we all?

Um, what's wrong with autobashing and why are you should be ashamed of it? If anything, it's IRE should be ashamed of retarded grind that forces people to use autobashing.

While I agree that Grinding is stupid and should have to be dome. You can't "Autobash" because they said so, This of course doesn't mean it doesn't happen all the time.

You don't HAVE to grind. IRE presents a great game with multiple facets. If you think the game is all about grinding, then you're missing the point.


Here's hoping you get Shrubbed!

Yes, grinding isn't required to sit in Pink Bedroom (312) and mudsex strangers. However it is required if you want to participate in something these games were created for. Like, you know, PvP. If you think you don't have to grind to get everything from game, then you're missing the point.


Here's hoping you get a clue! (Well, I lied, there is no hope really)

If you think that the only things that these games are made for is mudsex/PvP then I think you are missing the point. I've only rarely gotten involved in PvP (and never mudsex) and these games are still quite enjoyable.


Why don't you have a look and see what your game really has to offer.



some people grind for mudsex, oh you meant a different type of grinding.


As someone who has almost made it to dragon, I look down upon autobashers so much and think everyone of them deserves a kick to the face.

being a dwarf, how can i kick them in the face?

oh! i kick them in the groin, they kneel in pain, i kick them in the face.

And how.

you're retarded, not the grind. 

If you spend all your time in Achaea sitting there waiting for something to happen, alt-tabbing and starting up another game isn't much of a stretch. If you're actually playing Achaea though, playing another game at the same time is a bit unviable.

I occasionally will play another game while sitting around, but not often.



No way, I would forget all about the other for the one that's more interesting

I have a habit of doing that when reading websites while playing, I end up forgetting about the game and timing out.

Me too.

right now as I ignore my CoH raid group

Sometimes I will watch a movie while I fish and alot of times I find myself playing the other game I play called Puzzle Pitates hehehe!


Pirates of Puzzle.  Interesting.


I watch movies also at points just to pass the time while I wait for people

Facebook games. Or fun small games on the side.

I do the same

facebook games are failing nowadays...

i read a book while playing IRE. what else should i do when fishing?



No time

pretty wild

I normally watch TV while grinding as it is so boring.






I use one screen for playing, the other for scripting/surfing/IRC/playing occasionnally another game. I used to play Imperian and MKO at the same time, but I didn't like Imperian that much. (And I received today an email about the future deletion of my char...).

I had a 2 monitor system then I definitly would be multitasking more but on a laptop it's kinda hard to do effencently

if I do this, I usualy end up going dreamy :(

well, it's not really possible.

Honestly this is ironic and at same time interesting article, while some people might have elaborate setups for computers for playing high powered games, others including myself do it thru simple things like one computer one video game console, while doing all at once can be possible doing all at once!  Though its not very purposefull to waste that kind of energy just for a game.  Facebook games are not as complex as a text mud but appeal to masses who like grinds that don't take alot of commitment or effort to see progress.


This is something which textmuds tend to do in balance, while having both committed and lax designs build into seperate dealings within the worlds themselves it creates a sense of depth that gives us all something to look forwards to on daily basis to hope to accomplish something.  Be it drinking beer with people or taking over a city.

I sometimes play solitaire while logged into Achaea if I'm waiting for something and want to kill time. I don't play any other "real" games - being addicted to one is quite enough. More often I surf the net while logged in.

I think we all do something while idling away. Especially with ironbeard approaching...

Sometimes I play flash games while idling, but I try to keep that limited to a minimal amount since you never know what happens, and idling is actually never safe. Even if I'm multigaming, I'm switching between the games just to see if someone or something needs my attention (world event, house novices, thieves etc). If I want to play those large scale games that make you forget the time and sometimes don't allow alt+tab, I log out.

Achaea is the only game I play. Like Awan said, I agree, being addicted to one game is enough for me. When I go AFK, i'm doing things around the house, on the phone. Something other than being at my desktop.  As far as idling, I don't idle. I like to keep busy in Achaea, doing things whether its bashing, fishing, diving, sailing around, or even tweaking my scripts or making new ones.  But I will surf youtube and listen to music while I do all that!

Aye, I do various things. Such as comment on articles for credits...

And meanwhile you die to a mana wyrm :>

Rarely hunt them, but they do seem to find me. :D

guilty as charged

I've done this before. I'm bad at splitting time between things I want to do, so sometimes it is best, if possible, to do both at once. Unfortunately, I can't do everything I like to do while playing Lusternia!

Xbox/PS3 + MKO + Minecraft, all at once. 


Multitasking boss. 8] 



(Doing a Mortagona on this one).

Caught red handed!

i occasionally play fb games while playing achaea, but usually im surfing between fb groups, a couple forums, researching something for one of the two forums, and chatting in multiple msn windows if not much is going on in achaea.  if something is going on im paying attention to the screen because i usually got robbed as soon as i went truly idle :S

I really cannot multitask due to my newbiness. I always have something to do. Fact is that while I was AFK I died a couple of times, and somenoe stole my stuff. Thus, is better for me just to simply focus on the game, and manage my scripts while doing repetitive tasks.


I'm usually idling on Achaea while playing Youtube ^_^



I always stream movies or TV shows from my PC to my Xbox360 while playing Achaea, just as a kind of comfortable background noise. Apart from that, I browse the internet and catch up on my favourite gaming sites on my second screen when things are slow in Achaea, like when I'm just fishing or waiting for something specific to happen.

I can't do that

I don't multigame but I do multitask most of the time

too many drugs to even consider something crazy like that.  Also, playing another game would really take away from me watchin' reality TV while I play.  Lady Hoggers ain't gonna watch itself guys!

Professional at it.

*puts on the sunglasses*

I constantly am logged into Achaea while at work, which I suppose is Multigaming in that I'm playing the Corporate game!  Oh yeah.  I'm amazing.  I generally am watching movies too.  That's right.  The ol' tripple play.

Playing and watching movies is a must...except when people want to chat...then its ugh

Sounds like a productive time at work.

Also. 3 Screens mean 3 things at once! (not to mention one of my displays is high res... so big enough to count as two all by its self )

Yes, especially while fishing.

I often do this, but I don't focus as much, and often my MKO RP suffers for it when I try to do more than one thing

I couldn't handle more than that.

Sometimes I play chess on a smaller screen if I am waiting for something but I always make sure I can see the game screen because I like to notice if it starts scrolling really fast, which usually means someone has attacked me. If I am bashing I can handle a radio but that is about it. If I pay attention to somethng else I get myself killed.  

A bit yes.

Sometimes, but not at the same time. Sometimes at the same time, though. It's really hard since IRE requires your full attention. Everything else is just white noise. Though sometimes I have to go and shoot something...


Other games are like alts, I cannot get into them

Not good with spreadin the jam thin.

I surf and play at the same time

I can't imagine not doing something at the same time, especially when doing something tedious like waiting for answers to novice test questions.

Do not really play other games, I do have a ps3 but just have katamari on that >.> 

What's wrong with Katamari? I love that game.

Arma 2 across triple monitors on the desktop, MKO on the netbook.

When I'm not actively playing, I do.

which sadly is all the time now

Not always, but usually I'll watch tv and play Achaea at the same time. I always have facebook open and am chatting on there and msn too.

I've done some multi-gaming, play WoW while Aet is up, or play CoD. More often however, I play a full-screen game and forget to QQ from Aetolia..I play for like 2 hours and when the window closes I go "oh crap" because I've been logged in the entire time, and not always in the safest of places.

Go multimonitor, WoW in windowed mode on one, Aetolia, youtube, thottbot, and wowwiki on the other(s)! (I developed such a multi-tasking friendly approach to WoW at one point... that didn't go off screen for days at a time, once upon a time...)

For me, when I play Achaea, I have as much focus towards the MUD as I can while I play. It normally takes so much that trying to do something else would become too much.

If I'm waiting for something to happen or winding down from bashing or something, I will tab over and check Facebook, but I'm so terrible at multitasking that that's about as much as I can manage.

I could focus on more than one. I'd just be idling in the other.

I have in the past but it's not interesting for me now because I focus fully on whatever I'm playing at the time. RTS games are a little different though, most of the time is spent waiting around, so you may as well alt-tab.

I do the netflix thing always, and/or shop online/play facebook games when all I'm doing is chatting with friends ingame, but I couldn't handle playing another text game at the same time. I'm easily confused as it is, trying to do two would result inalo of mistells, daydreams, etc.

I commonly read things during pauses in conversations and the like

if you are not bashing or the like, then the pauses in action are generally long enough to justify doing something else. Especially if you have daydreamy friends

I'll usually just log out. Being caught afk in Mhaldor would feel way to ooc

Oh, why ?

I've read several times about Mhaldor, but I still don't know what makes it special ?



Who knows?



So, no, it's all I can do to play the game an hour while they're napping.

Not two MUDS at one time. I can't concentrate that way. 

One Iron Realms game is more than enough of a time sink for me. A while back I made an alt in Lusternia just to try it out, and after a couple hours I switched back to Achaea. I haven't touched that Lusternia character since. I just can't spare the attention for more than one game at a time. Even when my character is sleeping or meditating, I spend the time perusing in-game help files. Heh.


A little difficult

Impossible for me to multi-task like this

Sleeping in Achaea? Continue your conversation using messages here!

Occasionally, to pass time.


just... no.

Couldn't do it, I'm not a very good multi-tasker at all.  Just ask my wife!  Usually I'm concentrating so hard on my game I can't even hear her talking to me.  LOL

I sometimes play Tetris while idling in Achaea.

I occasionally do.


There isn't always something going on, but I might be waiting for something specific or for someone so I don't want to log off. I'm also a student, it's very rare I don't have some form of homework going on.



happens, but it's kinda.. stressful

I fail at multitasking. I often netflix, but then generally either don't pay attention to the movie or don't play attention to the game.


I tried watching television while playing but I end up missing 90% of the show.

yeh. i dont think ive seen a full tv programme in weeks

This... really seems like too much. One is enough for me

I do it a lot. I watch movies, youtube etc. While playing Aetolia, but only when nothing is going on that requires my time.

Lusteria+Achaea+Midkemia and whatever I feel like doing at the time. :D

I currently play 3 different MUDs at once. Two with Mudlet and one with TinTin. One of the three is always crafting though for reasons of sanity. Another is a merchant account. The first is my main for Achaea. Obviously I always have Mozilla Aurora open as well to surf the web with an average of 5-6 tabs as well. Multitasker indeed!

I also almost always have a movie on Netflix running as well.

I have a second monitor but my workstation is too small. I can't wait for a new desk so I can netflix while I game.


I need to get that set up myself...

I tried it and it's hard

One person cannot do two things as well as they can do one, in most cases.

I'll flip through my browser sometimes if it's something mindless, like learning from a tutor or sleeping to get back endurance.  Otherwise, it's waaaay more efficient to concentrate on the one thing you are doing.

That's exactly what my desktop looks like. Just replace that shooter game with a youtube page :p

I have too much trouble focusing on one thing let alone two games.

I play flash games sometimes or have about 4 or 5 tabs open on internet looking into differnet things. Can't forget about the conversations in skype and msnger to.

Sure. I often multigame. Playing in Achaea, socializing in M*U*S*H, developing in yet's not that difficult really.

Rean. <3 <3



I just watch home movies while playing lusternia

Watching a little movie I can do but that is about it. I am a poor enough player I wouldn't want to distract any more from playing than I already am.

I used to multigame like you.  Then I took an arrow in the knee.


I used to take an arrow in the knee like you.  Then I took an arrow in the knee.



That's just too much to handle at once.

I used to take an arrow to both knees. Then I got new knees.

I usually design in word pad or check fb or chat while logged in

If you have some sort of ingame emergancy how can you do it while multigaming



is commentable


I used to play multiple MUDs at once - zmud's #echo command, which puts your #say messages in whatever tab is your current one, really facilitated this, as I could be somewhat idle in one game, but see a message in my other game and know to tab back for an event/ganking/etc. 


Nowadays, though, I work and am busier RL and don't play nearly as much (thank god), so I'm a single-game girl. I tried keeping up raiding in WoW when I came back to Aetolia, but it felt like I was only playing WoW out of an obligation to raid, so I unsubbed. If I need something to entertain me while I bash or just generally hang out in the game, Netflix works well enough. :D




that is hard to do, tried


Well, sometimes. Or sometimes I forget I was in a conversation on a MUD and when I'm back I'm like oops!

I have gone into another game that does not deal with multi fighting. even then I forget where I am at


Sounds too crazy for me!





I am actually not a multigamer at all.

Lusternia and Imperian on separate Mudlet tabs. Har har har.

I used to be when playing FF online.  There are just some things in that game where you sit and wait, so I'll definitely multi-task my gaming when I played that.  I usually wouldn't multiplay two online games at the same time though.

Not really multigaming, but I do have Achaea open while I'm doing online shopping a lot of times.  I think that counts.

Never really multigaming, but definitely multitasking often



I tend to watch MASH while bashing, though for something different I'm going to be watching the original X-men cartoons for a while.

I am normally in two IRE realms at once thru a dual monitor system, and then also normally playing on the 360 when things are slow.

I multigame but it's pretty recent. 

Can't do it. Not and play well on any.

I'm so hooked on lusternia none of the other ir games can even hold my intrest.  I've tried.  Multigaming apparently is just beyond me all together.

I do sometimes. I play Lusternia and Imperian, and when one character is having a slow period of RP or just hanging out, I may hunt on another (casually) while I wait, or vice-versa.

I try not to

sometimes, but the other game is usually a no brainer.

I used to multi game, but i find i really have noneed or desire to do that with achaea...yet...i may some day once i really get the hang of it

I might be doing work, watching a movie/tv while playing, but I definitely couldn't be playing more than one game at a time!

I can't play more than one game, but most of the time I'm watching Netflix. Go BSG! And look hands! Woo Kinect!


i'm a serial monogamist when it comes to games

Guilty only when I wait for a area to respawn!

I can barely stay focused enough to tie my shoes.

Are better

Hear, hear.

horrible things happen if I get too distracted... So while I may be watching a movie, or watching tv, no multi gaming for me

Typically it is only TV for me.  Multi-tasking and me sincerely do not get along. (Though I wish we did.)



Achaea, Aetolia and Lusternia all at once...then I mix in a few misc other games from time to time while keeping an eye on the action in each as well. Have to focus on one at a time when doing something important Aetherhunting or raid defense.

I can balance two with some rate of success, depending on what each character is doing in each game.

My problem is this... I get to invested in my characters, and when I get an idea for another character, I forget bout my original... :(

hmm usually I only play one game at a time but it is not uncommon for me to be doing other things while playing...I have occasionally played aetolia, lusternia, and midkemia all at once.  and very frequently I am watching movies or playing playstation games while playing online

some together, but I really liked Lusternia the most

console, tv, Achaea



Playing MKO and Nethack is fine !

I wouldn't consider myself a multi-gamer...but a multi-tasker for sure.  As a matter of fact, right now i am watching the NY Giants v Dallas Cowboys, playing achaea, and surfing the web.

I wouldn't consider myself a multi-gamer...but a multi-tasker for sure.  As a matter of fact, right now i am watching the NY Giants v Dallas Cowboys, playing achaea, and surfing the web.

I am playing MKO, discworld MUD and Nethack right now :>


Lusternia and Imperian usually, though I'll stop to play only one if something really heats up.

I've watched TV, played WoW, and had Lusternia up as well.  I can't actively play in Lusternia like that, but if my character is just chatting it makes it pretty simple.



I logged into Achaea, maybe finish a couple missions or some AB in Guild Wars. Apart from this, I occasionally log into Kingdom of Loathing. My peak point in multigaming was: Achaea, Imperian, Guild Wars, Legends of Zork (back when it still worked)...aand some other games I don't remember.


ETA: oh and Midkemia :D

Tmpted to try playing Lusternia and Midkemia at the same time.


You know you wanna

I'm too nervous about what would happen while I'm away to try it. Things have a habit of sneaking up on me.


Though once in a while, NetHack in a small window.



I have that same problem. Since I don't do well enough when I'm "in" the game I couldn't imagine doing something completely different as well.

Usually a movie on second monitor.

Me too.

Rarely.  Only the sorts of games that don't demand full, immediate attention (like FB social games).  I'm more likely to have the radio on or listening to podcasts to fill in the portions of my attention that aren't filled with IRE.

relates to this article here.

no I am not.

Netflix, Facebook, Xbox, Star Pirates, web comics...

No, take the game too seriously

Never... Between the kids, tv, laundry, dustmop of a dog, skype...... I just don't have the ability to multigame...

Playing other games real quick while regenerating endurance ^^

Definately...big enough screen and you can do more than one thing at once. More fun!

Definetly, for example league of legends while influencing the guards. Every time I'd die, i'd check if there were any tells, and move on.


Or peggle.


I'll ocassionaly play another game or something when I'm just sitting around.

I tend not to play other games, but I do often have Netflix or some movie file open hovering near my client.




behind my back, or there's not enough chatter in the room to play achaea

it's great

I could handle two games at once. Unless maybe they were both MUDs. But even then, I've tried that and it's still difficult.

MKO and Lusternia. D:

I dual-monitor quite a bit, but I don't multi-game, often I'll be doing something like watching a DVD or something on youtube or studying.

Usually I'm not, but from time to time, mostly when a friend or two is over, I end up looking like the King of Multitasking. At points, I've been seen watching Netflix on one screen, with Achaea and an emulator up on another, Call of Duty or Battlefield on the TV with a PSP in one hand, keyboard in my lap, and a PS3 controller in the other hand, while the lunch/dinner I was making was on the stove in the kitchen. Most night's it's just Achaea, and food, though. With Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother on the TV.

if anything, I'll have a window open to code something in the background.

That doesnt seem to easy


Yeah I'll play another game, have FB up, and Achaea


Not much of a multi-gamer; just good ole fashioned achaea+music for me.

Definately! Especially when I'm waiting on people for things, or if another game doens't require all my attention.

I don't multigame so much as multitask. It doesn't work when I'm bashing, but when I'm fishing I'll have another window open so I can watch a TV show/anime, or read a book online.

between multi monitor setup, and tv, i'm normally doing at least 3 things, for entertainment, at a time, not to mention whatever is happening around me in the house

I used to. But I find that Aetolia is the only one that interests me, now.

I am Bill Nighy, and you have my favour!

Definitely. Bashing in Achaea, and chatting in Lusternia. Haha.


Only way to play

I don't multigame, but I multitask. Like now, watching That 70's Show reruns.

Sometimes it's multitask sometimes it's multigaming.


Is all good

Although with Achaea I tend not to multi-game with anything that requires too much brain power or concentration.


I do multi-task though. It isn't healthy.

I play minesweeper while splicing warps or sleeping in Achaea. The window is small enough that I can keep it next to the Achaea window and immediately react if anything happens.

I do mainly play with a laptop so don't really multianything. When I'm home and I get the chance to play from my PC I use to have 2 monitor, playing films/series on one and playing on the other one. Sometimes I play AoE in easy mode so I don't get both game ruined.

Usually at least one other MUD on top of bashing in Aetolia, plus netflix and sometimes Dwarf Fortress running in the background. So... yes.

that's common!


Once upon a time I used to prog and bash at the same time.

Does that count?

I used to MUD & CS at the same time back in the day. But CS has kinda died a bit since then.

No, Achaea only

But no. Lusty is best.


multi play alot

In fact, recently, I had Achaea, Command and Conquer, and Skyrim going simultaneously! Gotta say, that takes some serious effort! And much use of the pause button!

I'm playing 3 IRE games simultaneously, with jackass on one TV and Skyrim on the other. 




Baldurs' Gate on the notebook, Achaea on the laptop and swtor/WoW/ME/NWN or some other game on the desktop and a movie of some sort of the dual monitor is how I usually do it

Baldur's gate!

deal with the whiplash from all the screens you have to turn to?!

I keep a Kindle on hand, or sometimes watch a movie in pieces, to break up downtime when nothing is happening.

If I am stuck waiting on my willpower to recharge then I might do something else but not very much. How could anyone keepup with hunting or fighting while also playing another game?




I'm usually doing something else while I play, whether it's writing, using Facebook, sending e-mails, or watching a movie.

I browse and read and do all sorts of things at the same time as Lusternia, but I don't really play other games. I keep my multitasking strictly to mudding and non-gaming activities. :P

I often do other things, but two games is rare. Hard to do it without being afk on one.


Nearly impossible, in fact.  That's what something like FTL or other similar turn-based game is for, you don't have to worry about AFK'ing.  So, Durrand goes to sleep for a bit, I blast a couple Mantis in FTL, and then it's back to slicing gnolls.

I used to play achaea and runescape but that's kinda on and off. Usually reading webcomics sometimes.



Generally, no.


Screw that. I can barely focus on tv AND my game


Screw that. I can barely focus on tv AND my game


And i do other stuff than just play two games at once, too.

When there is not much to do I go surf in the net for few moments (stumbleUpon), re-order my notes, watch a tv series or study. You never know when something nice can pop up that you dont want to miss.

Screen isn't big enough.