IRE Asks: Are You a Multigamer?

dual monitors

Everyone has heard of multiplaying, which is considered illegal in Iron Realms games. But what about multigaming? Defined as the fine art of playing two or more games simultaneously, it can be especially common among text gamers. It's nothing to be ashamed of - as long as you're not autobashing! We love our text games dearly, and you might miss sudden the sudden excitement of a world event (as Iron Realms is known for) if you log out. So playing a few rounds of Capture-the-Flag or even doing a raid in your favourite MMORPG is a good way to pass the time. Heck, some people even watch Netflix, play an MMORPG and do telecom work from home, all while logged into an Iron Realms MUD.

CoD4 Dual Monitor

So are you a multigamer? Whether it's simply alt-tabbing between Facebook games and your MUD client, or an elaborate dual-monitor setup with all the windows neatly resized, tell us how you multigame. Comment below!


separate screens FTW.

sometimes Tetris

I've tried it, but I don't like it. It's hard to immerse myself when I'm focusing on two different fictional worlds.


That said, there are times when I've been really bored in Achaea and, instead of logging off, I've played Recettear or something.


Most definitely am!

same. I've even played Achaea and RL at the same time, both great games.

Taming in Imperian allows me to relax a bit, from time to time.


I got achaea plugged up to like everything irc, rssfeeds, various system scripts. I usually voice chat on mumble about other games, with browser open to another game in background, ocassionally peaking over at someone else playing xbox in the room, while I am actively playing Achaea trying to bash while kiting thieves and getting jumped by assassins. Oh and my stupid dog pouncing at me every 20 seconds and running off. I saved my gold pouch in game from the thieves, but that darn dog got my jerky and some noob beat my hiscore on xbox! g2g clan raid on other mmo in 5min.

I can usually handle some minor distraction, like music or tv, in the background.

I can handle eating pizza and doing non-combat things on achaea.


I often do six things at once, before breakfast at Milliways.

But are they impossible things? Otherwise, I can't believe it. :/

Definitely a multigamer!

If I'm not in a PvP match, yeah. I tend to roleplay two or more characters at once on varying games ^_^

I stick with having three or four conversations at once. That's plenty to do.

I normally sit and play achaea and some other browser based games while watching my TV, then I go out and make the stables and ride some horses, while I train some horses I sometimes log on by my phone.

Windowed Witcher 2 and Achaea? Has happened.

Not anything intensive, like I won't play MW but I have forums I visit a lot, not Achaea's. So mostly movies or working on sites.


no way

However, on a rare occassion I will fish in MKO and Fish in Minecraft while watching TV.

I think this says something about the implementation of fishing in games, haha. Then again I'd get bored and distracted irl pretty quick too sitting there waiting.

I log into multiple ire's at the same time does that count?

No way. Not that skilled at multi-tasking. It also drives me insane when my apartmentmate is playing Skyrim on the living room T.V and watching Smallville on his laptop at the same time: mostly because he's hogging the T.V while not really playing. I don't get it.

Only have other things open when I need to recover willpower or something like that.


Does listening to audio books while gaming count as multitasking? I've found it to be a good way to get through repetitive boring grinds.

i'd imagine it'd be pretty hard to follow what you're listening to, however.


Guilty of this!



I've done like a little Achaea/Aetolia + FB games, but I can't pay attention to more than one real time game, honestly.


though generally it's Lusty and Minesweeper or comics


One thing at a time please

But being afk in Achaea can be dangerous

I don't play other games. <_< But! Netflix/Hulu while bashing can be a Godsend.

Developing my combat system in MUSHclient while also building my own client in Qt...

Guess you could have sound alerts to help not be so dangerous when multiplaying but yeh. I have a kindle fire and a touch I got from working at amazon. They can be good while waiting for something to happen especially with audible. Not really multigaming but i do read and listen to music, watch a video..


Yes, definitely a multi-gamer.

Definitely played D3 or WoW and Achaea at the same time. When Lusternia first came out I'd always be on Lusty and Achaea at the same time as well. Without the old AFK rules its definitely a lot easier to multi-game now then it was when I was in high school and first played Hataru.

But if I what?

Duh. ADD.

I don't

It's too hard. I just end wasting time.

It's similar for me, but it depends upon what I am doing.

I play a couple games at once sometimes. It usually makes me suck at both though...

a bit no, lately

What? No





I can't imagine being able to do much while having to pay attention to Achaea... I do however watch alot of series and movies while I hunt... totally possible!

im definitely guilty of this. I'll frequently have my xbox on while I play Achaea, and switch between the two. 

nope...way too complicated for me!

babies and mudding don't mix :-(


I normally just search the web and chat with people whenever I need a break from the grind. Helps kill a lot of time.

More likely to read forums if things are quiet instead.

Still very much yes.

Lol and Achaea, sometimes. Not doing anything active ic, if that's the case, though

I'm not good enough at multitasking to do more than one - so I don't.


Yes. Nigh constantly.

When going for dragon...

Second pick still makes me lol.

I multitask??

Multigamer? Nah, not really. Occasionally. Multitasker? Definitely. Achaea, dinner, and netflix, all going at once. ooh yeeeeeah

it's hard to put the attention to different things, so it's more like constant AFKing

I think it would be rather difficult to handle more than achaea, but I do watch series and movies while I hunt...

Actually, I might want to do this

Less frequently than multitasking, but I can certainly say that a TV show is almost always going (That, or a movie or an audio book, some kind of story) and then there's Mahjong or Sims, the Facebook, and downloading somethign new to watch. I think it comes from the days I know I have a limited amount of time I can be sitting down and stationary, so I have a lot I want to accomplish on multiple platforms.

Yeah - I play every game I get my hands on.

just imagine trying to play LoL and achaea simultaneously... impossible... but having two screens makes watching movies and playing Achaea easy and awesome!



I will multi game sometimes.  But it is rare, I mean most games require your full attention... so I'm not sure how effective it would be.  I will occassionally play Guild Wars 2 and Achaea, but it's rare.  If anything I'm usually doing some other tasks like reading up on the HTML5 client, doing some other programming, email, etc.  I do almost always have the tv on though...

Movie + game: Yes

Game + Game: Not so much

I have a bit of an ADD problem and if I am not playing two games while working - I will freak out. PFFT ! HJKSDjhkl ok need to login

Got a second monitor. I am now a multigamer.


Guilty of multigaming

Lol. Autogaming detracts one focus from one game, and shares it over two. Hardly commendable. Though if your game is open for multigaming people, it rather says something about the attention span needed for said game.

I don't think I could manage to play two games at once!

I do a little.

I'm playing Lusternia and Aetolia right now. Bashing in both, actually. I hope I don't die.

I could never handle more than one toon at the same time. It just isn't something I can do and care about any particular one of them much.

No, but I could see at some point my playing a graphic game while idling in and IRE game waiting for something to happen.

i don't multigame, per se, but will multitask with one of those "tasks" being a text game

I used to do it. Just have multiple windows, and virtual browsers. Problem solved.

I tend not to be with IRE games, except perhaps on an extended forging session or similar mind-numbing task, but I have been known to watch a movie while playing.

yeah, I couldn't do this


I have multigamed, Imperian, and WOW, and facebook games. Alt-tabing back and forth. More often then not I also have a television show I have downloaded on my ps3. Othertimes it's Imperian and one of my ps3 or ps2 games.

three games at once!? That's nuts. You, sir, are skilled.

but I find it disorienting :/

Not particularly, though I will watch shows or movies while I grind mobs and stuff.


The extent to which I can even multi-task is having my client open in one window and the help files in the other.

but Lusty wins it for me

Credit comment.

not yet, but maybe I'll try achaea/lusternia multigaming. Might be nice to give achaea a shot again.

Credit comment.

I usually just read something when I'm afk



interested in the cred today.

sometimes, but rarely.

Free credits

I play Hashi and Lusturnia togather sometimes.

Yeah I am, especially thanks to Black Friday sales.


Sometimes, if one of the games is very small or casual.

Can't play more than one game at the time.

but lusty is the best.

not now, achaea takes enough of my free time