IRE Asks: Do you consider the balance system real-time or turn-based combat?

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Wikipedia has an article titled "Time-keeping systems in games" which attempts to break down the sub-genres of MMO combat systems. It suggests that, while real-time combat allows players to act at any moment, turn-based combat gives players time to plan their next attack. It then lists several hybrids of real-time and turn-based, but none of the definitions really match what Iron Realms combat feels like.


In Iron Realms games, the combat is happening fast and in real-time, but there is a waiting time between your attacks; a few seconds for your character to "regain balance", like a spell cooldown for every action. It creates a situation where your opponent can time your attacks and capitalize on any mistakes you make by using your balance against you. It could be argued that while Iron Realms uses mostly real-time combat, the balance system adds a certain layer of turn-based since you are waiting for your next attack, especially in PvE.


What do you think, IRE fans? Does Iron Realms fit any of Wikipedia's combat-system definitions, or do we bring an entirely unique flavor to MMO combat?

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It's a mixture of both.


I concur.  A mixture of both.

In what way is it turn based? At what point does all combat pause while I make my choice?

A short pause while you're off-balance or equilibrium, of course. It's not really a 'turn', but it prevents you from unleashing your most powerful spells without foresight.

World of Warcraft has cooldowns on spells. I would not consider that game turn-based either. The criteria for turn-based does not depend on whether or not you can machine-gun spells.

The games of IRE are in real time.

realtime is much better

Turned-based with Bill Mahr doesn't have the same ring.

Agreed. It's real time.

I agree.

I see nothing but real time.

I hit you in the face, I'm not gonna instantly be able to roundhouse kick you in the head in the same moment ;) sooo not that limber. So the balance/eq is more real time than turn based...



Real time to the extreme

It is definately Bill Mahr.

it is.

This. Lots of 3D MMOs now have WoW's hotkey skills/spells, and most have cooldowns, but that just keeps you from immediately reusing that specific spell; there's usually not much to stop you from back-to-back using spells forever, as long as your mana holds out or whatever system is used. In IRE games, you can't really do much of anything until you regain balance, so it's like a bit of a forced delay--which is GOOD, because it means combat results are dependent on more skill than typing ability or macros.

Really, the balance system reminds me of Final Fantasy IV's Active Time Battle more than anything else. It's not immediate, but the world doesn't pause while you select a skill to use, either. You sort of get used to the pace of combat and can start to use it to your advantage, or your opponent can.

The balance system 100% reminds me of Square's ATB system.

concise answer, nice!



This. Makes for some RP in the combat too, its not as if you can do several actions requiring balance all at the same time IRL unless you're a genius.

Yes, the standard Final Fantasy timer (also found in the underrated Anacronox) is a good comparison.  That system is certainly real-time, however, since a turn-based system implies a halting of time between moves.  Under an active timer system such as Achaea's (and other IRE games), the world continues to run at a normal pace with an imposed restriction on character actions.


I was thinking the same thing.






agreed, not turned based.

Turns are, by definition, a state where the opponent can't really do anything. In this it's completely possible for both sides to act at the same time. Also, every action in ANY game has a certain rate of performance... If you could do it just willy-nilly than it'd be a "Hey, who can mash ENTER faster?" contest.

I can mash faster...I win your post!

turnbase is a bit iffy to me sorry

It's definitely a sort of mix.

Yeah they both work nice with a dash or mix of real-time and turn-based




that you actually get time to plan your attacks, and your opponent cannot do anything until you've taken your turn.  So IRE is in no way turn based.

I agree.

Aye a turn based game would also imply players would alternate and take "turns".

I don't find turn-based games much wonder I only play IRE games


Accurate explanation

what else is there to say?

This. For so many reasons. The biggest being that balance/equilibrium 'cooldown'/'get back' time does NOT mean you are necessarily going in an A -> B - > A -> B pattern. It can vary to incredible amounts based off of afflictions/damange/clotting/use of defensive not offensive skills.

This doesn't mean that, at its most basic levels, it doesn't sort of remind me of turn based - however it just has more variation and freedom.



Yes, it feels to be a mixture of both.


However it leans further towards real time for me.

I think it seems like a mixture because it is text based.  If you had the graphics of someone drawing a bow and firing on swinging a sword, it would not seem as if there was a cooldown time but because it is text and timestamped and not as visual, it probably seems more turn absed to me.


Nope, pure realtime, it's not weird to have cooldowns on abilities and stuff..



certainly is not





I see no real question about the matter -- IRE games are decidedly real-time by any measure as far as I'm concerned.

The balance system is a necessary and very realistic limitation.  If you and I were to fight in the real world, I would not punch, then wait for you to retaliate, then -- but only on my next turn -- strike again.  

Likewise, I could not punch you at the rate of 1000-3000 times per second -- the consequence of NOT limiting action by balances (since if there were no balance OR ticks/rounds OR turns, I could do whatever I wanted to as quickly and as often as I could script it and my CPU and the IRE server could process it).

Nope, no question -- IRE games are beautifully and unequivocally real-time.

I was going to write out a lengthier response, but this captures it nicely.Two other ways of phrasing it:

There is no "I do something, then you do something" or "we both do one thing before one of us does two things" dynamic, or anything that dictates the timing of one person's actions based on the other person's actions.

The balance timer in IREs serves to segregate actions, but those actions can occur at any time; hence, real time.

It's definitely real-time in that sense - and particularly in Achaea's Knight-class 'duality' skill where your 'balance' improves in some sense since you're now able to swing twice in the same amount of time (or more accurately, swing two swords at one time).


However, it seems to be somewhat turn-based in the sense that regardless of what level you are, the balance time is essentially the same. You'd think a Level 100 spellcaster would be able to cast certain basic spells much faster than, say, a level 20 spellcaster.

Heee, you can cast faster in MKO if you invest more dex! :D


The game is completely real-time. The fact that certain actions take a bit to recover from doesn't really change that.

Mmhmm. That entire aspect of turn-based attacks in any of the Iron Realms games is false.

Yep. Completely real time.

Till you get to top tiered combat. Then it turns into a race of squeezing out the bonus seconds shaved off, so at that point it's really more turn based than real. Just a matter of perspective

ISP-/ping-dependent, more like.

would ever work!

I too cannot see the 'turn based' element in the combat system at all.  It's as real time as they come. In fact, I am not even sure I have ever seen a real time game that doesn't have a cool down of some sort.



The other thing

I would agree with this.  each individual has a balance but, they're not dependent on anothrs action before continueing.

It's real time! If it were any bit turn-based, I'd be winning a ton more duels. If I was into duels..

Me too :(

If it were turn based I'd actually be able to win duels.

If the game were turn-based the game would be 100% scriptable with ease.  No pvp games should really ever be turn-based.


Maybe not...but strategy types tend to do very well. See: Civilizations

Real time is always best.  Dynamic combat is where it is at.  :)

I think

Even a real-time system does have limited actions per minute; it just means that you can't take time to think without it counting.  The balance system fits that quite well.


For that matter, RTS's, pretty much the premier example of real-time systems, have a "cooldown" mechanic for the units' basic attacks.

Decidedly real-time, obviously.



Iron-Realms games are real-time. Having what amounts to a cool-down on a spell or action does not, in any fashion, make it turn-based. WoW is much the same - real-time, with cooldowns. This form of gameplay addresses the shortcomings of pure real-time, without introducing any turn-based activity, or anything of the sort.

Haven't played WoW, but doesn't it (like Everquest, Diku-derivatives, and many other games) use the "press a kill button, wait for the enemy to die" type mechanic (whereby you press "kill" and it keeps executing the action over and over on a timer)?

If not -- and you really do have to continuously select and execute attacks/spells/actions-in-general -- I may be cranking up a WoW account....

If so, I'd place those games in the tick/rounds category.

The previous poster was particularly speaking about skills in WoW. Skills are activated and then have a cooldown before they can be activated again. Base attack is click once, keep attacking.


However, I think the more apt comparison is in DPS on your base attack. I agree that IRE games are realtime. I view balance and equilibrium as DPS mechanics. WoW (and GW, and EQ, and...) have the same concept typically associated to weapon speed and damage. If those are considered realtime, I would think any IRE game would have to be as well.

City of Heroes/City of Villains does that. You have to nail your attack chain down so that you can constantly attack, queing up the next one so that the attack animations are the only wait between attacks

Which brings another point to mind: IRE games don't have animations, so I kind of see balance as an equivilant to waiting for an animation to finish.

It's exactly like a ABS turn based game system in the same vein as Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy. 

ABS games while being turn based mechanically are supposed to be representation of real time.

When using unknown acronyms, could you please translate them at least once? I'm fairly sure it doesn't mean Anti-lock Braking System...


In most ABS RPGs you have a set amount of time before you can make a move.  If you don't decide or have a move ready the opponent will go ahead and attack.  These system were quite common in JRPGs back in the 16-bit era as they allowed a simulation of real time combat.

ABS systems are neither true real time or turn based but rather a hybrid of the two.  IRE games use this same type of system.

Except the idea that came to mind first was Final Fantasy XIII, with their ATB system. (ATB being Active Time Battle. Its been going around in the Final Fantasy series since FFVII)

Basically, when you weren't doing an action, a guage would fill up, with five segments. (Only gain five near the end of the game, at the beginning you start with two) Each segment could be used to perform an action. You would select a series of commands, and when you were ready you would execute them, and you would perform as many actions as you had segments filled.

This, in a way reminds me of the Monk's balance system. 


As a response to a different post, I would call the system Real time combat, with MAJOR turn based elements. Because, to be honest I would call the combats turn based, but they are set in real time. So someone could walk in during your balance regaining time and hit you, etc.


[Oh, and on a completly unrelated theme, can the people who post one word answers, or comments that make no sense at all simply for the bound credit buck up their ideas? Everybody loves the bound credit promotion, but most people can actually contribute to the post. As, no doubt IRE are reading through these posts, seeing if there is anything that they can do to improve their games, and if they see that the bound credit promotion isn't getting them worthy contributions, they might withdraw it all together. Rant over!]

Cooldowns are realtime, because balance isn't going to wait for you to take action.

This exactly. And you don't have a limited turn within which you can take action either.

There are aspects of both but defintly more real time based.

Yep - faster is better.

I really enjoy the real-time comabt in IRE, but i'm FUCKING AWFUL at it.  So I'd be better off with a more turn based and strategic thing.

And hopefully less griefers!

while most abilities require balance, equilibrium, or both, some require none at all.  At any given time, you are taking some sort of offensive or defensive action.  Also, since you can alter your opponents eq or bal with various afflictions, you can make multiple attacks before they are able to act, eliminating the whole idea of "turn based".

It's real time. If it weren't we would literally have to end a turn, like in turn based strategy games. Then our opponent would get a turn. But, as it is, it all just depends on strategy. Basing balance based attacks again damage done to opponent, etc.

Mudsex is turnbased


but the gratification is real-time




I hah to your heh. 

Just... LOL

Favorite comment ever!

Lil bit of both, depending on interests and influences of what it takes to motivate others to doing what they do ^.^

Definitely real time

It's real time usually, but a timewarp changes that..

and then a step to the right.



I'd say real time, because there is nothing keeping the opponent from making a move if you still haven't made yours.


It seems like it is more real time than turn based to me.

Hmm, interesting question, never thought of it like that.

feels more real-time than turn based

I definitely consider it real-time.

It's real time, even in MMOGs they have timers for cooldowns on skills. We just have balance.



it is more real time then anything, but it does indeed have turn based right there with it, hand in hand.


I never did have the patience to win at turn based games

It's balanced

I think it brings an entirely unique flavor to MMO combat!

It's def. real time balanced base, which it's awesome, but not at the same time, cuz it goes so fast, which is probably the point of it, and why people use a system to heal and what not..

Thinking now, it's real time cause you know, lag is so real time.

well, it's true!

It is realtime, with the balance as a "filter". It is very similar to the ABS in FFVII. I'd rather have it turn-based. In this way bought combat "systems" would be less crucial. I am doing all by myself and it is quite time consuming. So I am going to suck at it until I become dragon, then I will have a few words with someone.

Not that I do any combat anyway

Well I should really get into combat too

Come to Aetolia - you don't even need a combat system...

How good your SVO is and how quickly you can spam someone.

or just experiened.

or just experiened.

You can die at the hands of an (hypothetical) unlimited number of enemies or monsters. They don't all have to wait for you to take your turn. Also, some things that incite conflict (cause damage) are systemic attacks instead of player-driven (like totems or forest defenses).


Probably better to update Wiki's categories with a new, spiffy term.

Realtime with balance as a global cooldown.

Depends on the game I suppose. Like Civ, I do like the turn based, since there're a LOT of different fronts to fight on at once..while Sins of a Solar Empire omg...real time, multifront conquoring of star systems...ugh. Especially with how that AI cheats like hell..

its definitely real-time, in every sense of the word. If I were to stand there and stare at my opponent without doing anything, they would certainly not just stop attacking me. Just because there is a delay between my attacks does not make it turn based. not even a little bit.

Real time.

Fairly certain WoW is considered real-time, and the global CD is basically the same thing as balance/eq with haste acting like +bal/eq arties/statpacks.

Its like being in a gunfight most of the time, stuff happening faster than you can really understand, you have to just go with the flow

just because some things have global ticks doesn't make it turn based

it would be cool if each attack had it's own balance time. More realistic. It will ofcourse depend on the force and complexity.

I think IRE games are definitely real-time, but with a hint of "active time" in there.

I understand the comparisons that people are making to "active time" systems, but I'm not sure they're the same.


Saying that the game is turn based because you have to wait to recover balance is like saying First Person Shooters are turn based because you have to stop and reload.


although, as far as I remember ABS was a little bit more forgiving than Achaea, in particular. Achaea is hardcore, that's why I love it. In recent time, Darksouls was released for all the major consoles. They claimed it was a hardcore game, and I am sure it is. I checked the gameplays on youtube, but Achaea is much more hardcore. The log scrolls so fast that I have to put so much marker just to survive and see what is happening. Excellent game, in all aspects. 

Influence might be close to turn based - except for tha fact that if your charisma is high enough the denizen doesn't get any turns.

Most races have enough to prevent that...IF that is true. I always thought the denizen only responds when the player is too slow to respond.

sometimes it's as if you don't respond the second you get your equilibrium back, you get it.


Your recovery time is based on your charisma. If you have 12 CHA, you have to hit them again almost instantly as soon as you get your balance or you will be hit. Which is easy enough to do with the most rudimentary triggers. If your charisma is less than that though, you will get hit. Just about every race has at least 12 charisma, or a way to boost up that high.

I think it is realtime

Combination, definitely leaning towards realtime, imo.

Real-Time! I can never get a hit in1

While the system does allow you a little bit of planning in what will happen next it does not stop all action while you decide. If your opponents balance isn't exactly the same as yours then it can't truly be turn based.

Turn Based Kinda 

ummm... how do you see that?

Definitely real time. If you look at any other real time game they generally have plenty of stuff that is on a cooldown.

So WoW, is realtime even though everything from you basic attack up is on a cooldown timer. No difference with IRE

Same thing as LoL, as well.

Having a cooldown is just a way of making the player choose how to devote their time. Unlike turn-based, where all actions have the same time cost, real-time means that both players must choose varying time costs simultaneously.

definitely not turn based

Iron Realms definitely has the best real-time combat MMORPGs. The balance system adds a unique flavor, I agree with whoever earlier said the Wikipedia page needs a new definition just for IRE!

Its a mix of both. It needs its own catagory.

deserves its own classification

Not sure any of the combat can be called turn based here, your opponents don't politely wait after they attack, they keep on hitting!

We take turns writing better offensive/defensive scripts, and then we fight in real-time. The balance-based combat doesn't make it turn-based. It's just a limiting factor in the real-time flow of everything.

Mostly round-based combat without the standard autoattacks you see in other muds.

Make a new game if that's the case.

similar to old RQ2 combat with multiple simultaneous rounds for each combatant and various healing forms.

not turn based at all...

I would.. stop playing.

Nothing else would work in the current games.

Real time. All the way. I don't think balances are the same thing as turns. 





To have a turn based system :O

Real time.

and furious.

Tokyo Drift?

real time -> combat is cooldown based like every other mmo; balance is a cooldown before you can attack again. Even fps games have a rate of fire and thus cooldown for individual bullets or weapon swapping



That's not really how cooldown works. Cooldown prevents you from casting the same ability over again, but while off balance/equilibrium you can't do anything, not even move.

I suppose it depends on what you mean by being off balance, but being off balance in one sense often doesn't prevent acting in other ways.


Yes, moving requires balance and equilibrium, but what about healing? You have your potion balance, herb balance etc. that can all be used independantly, regardless of other balances that you may not currently be able to use, and don't prevent you from doing other things.


Yes, If you happen to be off every single form of balance at once, then you can't do anything. But does that really make it turn based?

Hey, is it my turn now? How does that work if it is 3 versus 1?


As Syncrisis put it, it's the ABS used in several RPGs. Play any IRE game, followed by a game using ABS, like Final Fantasy 8, and the biggest difference you'll find in combat is the ability to run around during in IRE versus not in FF8. The way I see it, mix the linear-motion system from games like Star Ocean and Tales of Symphonia, and the ABS from Final Fantasy 8 and you have the IRE system! Essentially.

I would  say it's real time for the same reason Akaxi said.  No one takes turns so it's as close to real time as you'd be able to get imo

Real time vs turn-based becomes much easier to classify when you remember that it isn't just about individual player actions, but the combat scenario as a whole. The core tenet of turn-based scenarios is that the state of play does not and can not change while you are planning and selecting actions on your turn. This is why even the ABS games are turn-based. In real-time, the state of the game can and often does change while you are planning and executing your actions. Regardless of what state you (or your opponent) is in, regardless of what action you are currently executing (or not), on the IRE games a third party can (and often does) enter combat and initiate actions against you at ANY time. That's as real-time as it gets.

It's similar to some of the Final Fantasy games, where every character has a timer until they may act, but other characters/monsters can act freely in that time. If you don't act, then it's just generally to your detriment.

IRE is Real time. the balance does add a potential to play it turnbased, but it happens so fast, you'd have to have offensive reflex system to take advantage of that.

+ ping.


it's the only thing that works!

Agreed too

Real time. They may need time to recover balance, but my attackers will not wait for me to move again before killing me.

Real time

real-time ONLY

If IRE were turned based,I'd never enjoy it to the same extent.

Maybe not turn based but still real time

It's more of an imbalance-based combat system. Bah-dum-ting!

Technically I'd say it's turn-based, but in the midst of a battle it certainly feels more like real-time.

How is it turn-based in any way? Haha. If you don't attack back it doesn't mean your opponent will stop hitting you. There is no, "Hey.. Wait! It's MY turn!". It's attack whenever you possibly can, which to me and I think everyone else is completely real time. 

My vote is real time, definitely. 

-- Vaerilin.

You can test that by trying to stand around and think about your next move, I am certain it will work awesome! 

Not even possible to make any IRE game turn-based. Simple as that!


wonder what ire thinks it's games are

Decidedly real-time.


of both I think

While it is certainly a hybrid of both, I consider it more real-time because at no point does the game pause and wait for your response. It keeps the adrenaline pumping!

Well, except for the bickering on the Public Message Board. That's almost like turn-based combat... *grin*

It is a hell to code! 


I would say a bit of both as its a bit real time and part of it is turn based. Sort of like a few PS games I played where you see the character waiting afte a attack but he can move around and dodge while waiting too.

It's certainly real time, balance recovery is different for all skills and weapons.

Is it true that balance gives the feeling of "waiting for my next action", but that's a lot different from a "turn".

It has nothing to do with turns, the way other games have turns.  Like in real life you need a certain amount of time to raise your sword back above your head and bring it down again, or get any other weapon back into position. 

I consider the balance system real-time, since an attacker has to recover from their last move and prepare for another attack in real life as well. It's not the equivalent of allowing the other player to use their "turn."

Definitely more real time than turn based, yeah.

no turn based at all!


I think still


anything but real-time would be awfully boring

most people think it is either real time or a hybred, not really many people shouting up for turn-based. And tbf think it is mostly real time too

Definitely real time.

Real time, but with turn timers like in Chrono Trigger!

Real time, absolutely.


Nothing else matteeeeeeeeeeeeeeers

Its real time button bashing - like PS games


Real time. There's no pause in which to stop and contemplated your decisions. You can't get up and walk away. It is very much in real time.



whatever else it is, it sure is fun.

Real time. Unless you're a machine 4s isn't long enough to think and process everything that's going on.

Real time I think.

Saying it's turn based is like saying Call of Duty or some other FPS is turn based because there's a time between your gun shooting for you to make your decisions.

real time.

but real time is better than turn based


With emphasis on real time as time is not frozen while waiting for one player to decide the next move.  On the other hand your actions are explicit and can be identified and responded to. 

More real time than anything.

I didn't have time to read the Wikipedia article, but I don't see how and by what definition can anyone say that combat in Achaea is 'turn based'.

Chess is the 'turn based' game, where you actually cannot make your move until your opponent has done his turn.  'Turn based' game is when the players take turns for their moves.  How would that apply to combat in Achaea?

'Real time' is not the same as 'instantenous' occurance; attacks do not need to be completed one after another without any perceptible delay, to be 'real time' attacks.

I don't think it can fit fully into either of the two completely. Even though you dont' have to wait for your opponent to "finish" his move before you begin yours, you do have to wait an allotted time before you can go again. It is, as Tyehr said though, it is definately not "turn based" like chess. Kinda best of both worlds maybe.

I'm not sure that it is at all reasonable to call it turn based, especially given that there are multiple balences

It doesnt matter but real time

Nothing else!

A combination of both

real-time and real-time ^^


Feels mostly real time to me but there's no turn based actions to it except for the time it takes to recover is the same no matter the level or age.

whoever said turn-based and/or mixture is drunk.

how it's both, but I would say mostly real-time.

Definitely real time... turn-based to me means being able to leisurely take your time after each move to plan your next ... not the case here with text flying off the screen as fast as it appears!  I have gotten a lot better at reading solely for relevant context now as a result. :)

real time.

Way to many balances to be turn based

If it was turn based then maybe I could keep up


It really ends up being turn based, everything about the combat system reminds me of D&D.

Various abilities have different lengths on the equib/balance timers, if it was turn based it'd be generic.

It's a hybrid.

Real time!

i would have to say it is a mixture of both because there are so many types of balances that are interdependent or independent of each other that while you have to wait for one balance to come back for some things you are still able to do others. alchemists have their homunculus on a separate balance than other skills, or a knight is able to use arc off of balance 

Real time with a focus on recovery time (some atomic actions require set-up time, but these are rare unless you count things like Aeon). It's little different than the delay between shooting in a FPS. Of course, Achaea (at the least) complicates matters a bit more by having several distinct recovery times for different kinds of actions (balance/equilibrium, herbs, salves, etc.)

Real time, no doubt.  It does take real time to return the sword back to position in order to swing it again.  It does take real time to swallow the potion and take another sip.  It does take real time to apply a salve to a limb, take more from a vial and apply it to another one.

All this has nothing to do with the actions of our opponent, it's totally unrelated to his actions. In a turn based game, our balance would be related to the actions of the oponent, which clearly it is not now.


Group fights, which IMO are popular in IRE games would be stupidly long if it was turn based.

it's more like.. slow-paced real time


Eh. Bear fight!

Fast Real time for me as a runewarden

Credit comment.

I would consider it real time, as even in action games or other real time games, it still takes time for the animation to complete.

I consider it like roundtime in Dragonrealms...a way to slow the player down

Real time, obviously.

The combat is definitely real-time. The balance and eq recovery is only a method to prevent the person who can type the fastest from winning every battle.

if it were so, secretaries would own us.

It also depends on how many people are involved in it.

A bit slower real time, since there's so much overlap it can't be entirely turn based.

Why can't I be hasty!?

Later on you just know what happens.

Would definitely destroy everybody if there was no balance.


Came for the credit, realized when posting that this system does in fact resemble that of Bang! Howdy. So this post isn't completely devoid of content!

As much as I sometimes wish IRE games were turn based I can't seem to percieve time as slowed . Even Midkemia Online, which is apparently the slowest due to its windup before being hit is too fast for me to comprehend what I'm being hit with and what I should be hitting the other person with. This is why most people have systems, because comprehending everything that's going on is a bit much.

Then there are people, who aren't me, who have skill. That's another topic entirely.

It seems as though most people feel it is a combination of the two. I'm inclined to agree, but I think it's more turn-based than real-time, if I had to choose one.

I see it as real-time.

Real Time, really real time.

It's a bit like real-life. Can't throw spells and punches 1000 times a second.

Definately a hybrid of the two. In reality you would have balance issues which could be sped up by training just like in the game. So turn based more on reality. However a graphic game that works off an even more restrictive system is not considered turn based so maybe its not?


But mostly real time. 

I'd call it what I call the Final Fantasy systems was before FF IX, it's a turn-based system based upon a speed factor, you take turns hitting each other, but if you gain balance faster than your opponent, your gonna hit more often, which I am Citing the Shaman's swiftcurse ability combined with bleed in regards to something like this, but two chars who are equal in the speed of balance regain in any way would generally be turn-based, since it'd be left hit, then right hit, with left being a player, and right being a player, it's just a fact of how my pown perceptions are.

no it isn't turned based. You're not taking turns.

real time


Just ways of slowing the player down, like roundtime in Dragonrealms, turns in other games.

No question.

I love the balance system and feel that it is real-time as most others have stated.

Balance, Action, Speed.

yes to real-time

That is why there is something like balance and equilibrium.

Credit comment.

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The balance system is closer to real time then to turn based.

"What do you think, IRE fans? Does Iron Realms fit any of Wikipedia's combat-system definitions, or do we bring an entirely unique flavor to MMO combat?"



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It's a mixture, but it's more on the real-time side.


Not sure really..





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as real as it can get, if not people would just spam the same attack a million times killing everything instantly, teh balance gives a more real tuch granted in real life you do need to take a moments to for example punch again after you punched someone

its real time. My opponent will not wait for me to make my move, he will take advantage of his own balance times regardless

real time, yes.